2011 Four Winns F-Series Boat Owners Manual

T - 2
C.   Pumping Fuel
Follow engine manufacturer’s recommenda-
tions for types of fuel and oil. Use of improper
products can damage the engine and void the
Do not smoke; extinguish all open flames,
STOP all engines and other devices that could
cause sparks, including the bilge blower. Do
not use electrical switches or accessories.
Shut OFF all stoves that may produce a spark
or flame. Close all openings into the cabin area
of the boat.
Be sure to fuel in a well-lit area gasoline spills are
unnoticeable under poor lighting or in the dark.
Remove the gas fill cover.
A.   Recommendations
Insert the fuel supply nozzle, keeping it in contact
with the fuel fill plate to guard against static pro-
duced sparks.
When fueling or having your boat fueled by
an attendant, be sure the waste pump-out
or fresh water fitting is not mistaken for the gas
Stand away from the fuel tank vent and gas fill  
during fueling. Splashback may occur and can
be an eye irritant and/or a fire hazard.
Although alcohol boosts the octane level of gasoline, it
also attacks the rubber fuel distribution lines and even
metal fuel system components. Alcohol will permeate
most fuel hoses and other components such as fuel
pump, gaskets and seals, and can also contribute to
fuel system contamination.
Avoid spillage. Wipe up any excess fuel
After pumping approximately 10 gallons of fuel
into the fuel tank, inspect the engine and fuel tank
area for any signs of leakage. If no leaks or other
problems are detected, resume fueling.
The hoses we use in our boats are alcohol-resistant
as are the materials used by the engine manufactur-
ers. If only fuel containing alcohol is available, or the
presence of alcohol is unknown, you must perform
more frequent inspections for leaks and abnormalities.
Any sign of leakage or deterioration requires your im-
mediate attention. Refer to the engine manufacturer’s
recommendations on fuel type and octane ratings.
Allow space at the top of the tank for thermal
If fuel cannot be pumped in at a reasonable rate,
check for fuel vent blockage or a kink in the line.
D.   After Fueling
B.   Preliminary Guidelines
Replace the gas fill cover and wipe up any fuel  
spilled. Discard rags used in a safe place ashore.
Safely secure your boat to the dock.
Open the engine compartment and all hatches,
windows, doors and other compartments that
were closed during fueling. Inspect these areas
for the odor of fuel vapors and visible fuel
Close all hatches, windows, doors and compart-
ments to prevent accumulation of fuel vapors.
Ensure that a fire extinguisher is readily available.
Do not store fuel in areas that are not adequately
Investigate and correct any sign of fuel leakage
or indication of vapors before starting engine.
Do not run blower or operate any electrical
switch until problem is corrected.
Use only fuel lubricants recommended by the
engine manufacturer.
Fire or explosion may result.
Prelaunch and Underway - Section T
Owner’s Manual Page 133
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