2011 Four Winns F-Series Boat Owners Manual

Horn - To sound the horn, push the HORN switch.
Navigation & Anchor Lights  - Moving the NAV/
ANC LTS switch towards the NAV position activates
Volt DC Receptacle - Permits the use of additional     the bow lights and the all-around light or both portions
appropriate adaptor, the equipment draws power from
the boat’s battery.
volt equipment such as a cell phone. Using the
of the mast light. Move the switch to the ANC position
to activate the all-around light or both the fore and aft
portion of the mast light. The center switch position
is OFF.
Aft Bilge Pump - The PUMP switch at the dash is
used to manually activate the bilge pump in the engine    Wipers - The WIPER switch activates the windshield
compartment. The bilge pump is used to remove wa-
ter from the bilge (bottom of the hull) area of the boat
by pumping the accumulated water overboard.
wiper. This is an option for the starboard side only.
(NA on some models)
Accessories - Additional 12 volt equipment may be
added to the boat using an accessory switch. Certain
accessories may be wired directly to the fuse block
below the dash. For more information, refer to Section
H-3B Installation of Additional 12 Volt Equipment.
On most Four Winns  models, the aft bilge pump is
equipped with an automatic bilge switch and will oper-
ate whenever bilge water rises above the pump stop
level. This will cause the internal float to move upward
and activate the pump.
Cockpit Lights - The CKPT LTS switch is used to
When leaving your boat unattended for an extended
period, check the charge on the battery(s) periodically.
Also check the water level in the bilge and make sure
the float switch is functional.
activate the cockpit (courtesy) lights.
B.   Installation of Additional 12 Volt Equipment
On the fuse panel, non-factory-installed 12 volt
accessory equipment can be connected to the “ACC”
(Accessory) terminal. Accessory equipment can also
be wired directly to a newly installed “ACC” switch
on the dash.
If the automatic bilge pump must be disabled,
disconnect the wiring plug near the bilge pump.
Bilge Blower- The BLOWER switch is used to
activate the bilge blower. The bilge blower is used to
remove any gas vapors that may have accumulated
in the bilge or engine areas.
Be sure to provide proper fuse protection for
all 12 volt equipment that is installed. Acces-
sory current should be limited to 15 amps if
the connection is made to the fuse block. If an
“ACC” switch is used, again the current should
be limited to 15 amps.  Gauge(s) and/or 12 volt
equipment may operate improperly and cause
possible internal damage at higher levels.
Gasoline vapors can explode
resulting in injury or death.
Before starting the engine, check the engine
compartment bilge for gasoline or vapors.
Operate blower for four (4) minutes, and verify
blower operation. Run blower when vessel is
operating below cruising speed.
C.   Interior Equipment
Stereo - The AM/FM/CD stereo is mounted on the
starboard console, at the helm. An optional stereo
remote may be installed at the swim platform on
certain models. Please consult with your Four Winns
dealer regarding availability.
To verify blower is operating place your hand
over the vents. DO NOT rely on the sound
of the blower. Be sure a substantial amount
of air is being exhausted by the bilge blower.
Check the bilge blower system often,
Electrical Systems - Section H
Owner’s Manual Page 68
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