2011 Four Winns F-Series Boat Owners Manual

IMPORTANT: The presence of the capacity plate
does not relieve the boat operator from the respon-
sibility of using common sense or sound judgment.
Turbulent waters and adverse weather conditions will
reduce the maximum load capacity rating of the boat.
3.   Attach the ignition interrupt lanyards securely to
your body. In the event that you move away from
the helm area and beyond the length of the lan-
yard, the engine will be turned off.
If your boat has fuel injection, turn the key to start
the engine. Engine will not turn over if throttle is
not in the neutral position.
The operation and maintenance manual supplied with
your engine provides pre-start, starting and cold-start-
ing instructions. The following information is merely a
guide and not intended to explain in detail all starting
procedures and instructions. Refer to your engine
owner’s manual.
If your boat does not have fuel injection, depress
the engine warmup button to advance the throttle
several times and leave it in the SLOW/START
position. This will actuate the carburetor accelera-
tor pump and feed fuel to the engine. Turn ignition
key to START position.
A.   Preliminary Checks
5.   When engine is cold, run engine approximately
one (1) to two (2) minutes at fast idle speed (1200
to 1500 rpm). This step is not necessary with fuel
injected engines.
.   Secure boat to the dock before attempting to start
engine. The boat should be kept secure until the
engine is running and warmed up.
Once engine has warmed up, check water temper-
ature gauge to ensure engine temperature stays
within optimum range. If temperature reading is
abnormally high, stop engine immediately and
inspect for cause of high reading.
.    Operate the bilge pump until the flow of water
.   Make sure the throttle is in the neutral position and
stern drive or outboard is lowered into water.
With engine running, voltmeter should show a
reading between 12 and 15 volts.
.   Make sure passengers seated in the bow area do
not obstruct the driver’s vision.
Check steering operation. Turn steering wheel
full to port and starboard while observing outdrive
B.   Starting
Inspect for fuel odors and visible leaks in the fuel,
oil, coolant, exhaust and power steering systems.
To prevent excessive exposure and reduce the
possibility of carbon monoxide accumulation
in the cockpit areas of the boat, the operator
should provide adequate ventilation in each of
these areas. Utilize hatches, doors, windows
and side vents to increase air movement. See
Section B-2 for information about the dangers
of Carbon Monoxide.
Make sure boat is securely moored to the dock
and engine is idling. Then move the throttle for-
ward and then aft and back to neutral to check for
proper operation of the shifting motion. Be careful.
Leave the engine in gear for only a split-second.
Notice: Additional starting information is located in
T - 5
Section A.
Check all electrical systems and navigation lights.
Boat steering is not self-centering. Steering is
effected by engine and propeller torque, trim
tab setting, wave and current action and the
speed of the hull through the water. Constant
attention to steering is required for safe
If your boat is equipped with an optional battery
selector switch, turn the battery switch to 1, 2, or
position (depending on which model you have).
Prelaunch and Underway - Section T
Owner’s Manual Page 135
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