2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

Remove the pump out connection from the deck
plate. Add at least 5 gallons of clean water to the
holding tank on most models through the waste
deck fitting using a dockside water hose.
Discharging waste overboard is illegal in most
US waters today. Discharge is limited to
certain coastal waters, a designated distance
offshore. Check with your local boating
regulations before proceeding with any
discharge activities.
Repeat steps 2 & 3 above to pump out the water
used in step 4 to flush the holding tank.
Add waste holding tank treatment chemical to the
head bowl. It is available from the dockside
pumping station or can be obtained from your
dealer. Flush at least twice.
Some local regulations require overboard
discharge systems be physically secured in a
closed position during use of the boat in waters
designated as “no discharge” areas. Check
with local boating regulations. Refer to the
manufacturer’s literature for additional
Be careful when handling and storing
treatment chemicals. Not only are they toxic,
but they will also stain and damage
surrounding surface.
C.   Dockside Waste Pump Out
On most Vista  models waste pump out capability is
available. Waste can be removed from the holding
tank by taking the boat to a dockside waste pumping
station. Most marina fueling facilities provide such
Information supplied with water and waste system
components by the equipment manufacturers is
included with this manual. Refer to this literature for
additional operation and service information.
The waste holding tank should be emptied upon visual
inspection of the waste holding tank and determining
the waste holding tank’s capacity is almost full or by
using the waste level indicator if so equipped. Waste
level indicators are typically located in the head. DO
Be sure the batteries in the boat are properly charged.
Operating the pressure pump from a battery with a
low charge will result in pump cycling. This could lead
to premature pump failure.
To pump out the holding tank:
.   Be sure the head has some water in the bowl.
The decomposition of waste produces a
colorless, odorless gas, methane, that is lighter
than air, combustible, and extremely lethal.
Always provide sufficient ventilation when
effecting repairs to the waste system and allow
no odor from the waste system to go
2.   Connect the dockside pump out connection to the
WASTE plate located on the deck.
Usually the dockside pump out connection will
screw into the waste deck plate or has a
rubber sleeve that inserts into the plate and
must be held in position during the pump out
operation. If the hose is not air tight or connect-
ed properly, waste could spurt out or leak
around the deck fitting and into the boat.
A.   Clean Vents and Screens
Periodically, inspect the water tank vents and thru-hull
vent fittings for any dirt, wax, etc. Carefully remove
any obstruction with a pipe cleaner or similar device.
Be sure not to puncture the screen. The stainless
steel vent cap is not removable.
.   Have the pumping station operator activate the
pumping equipment. The waste will be drawn from
the holding tank and into the pumping station’s
disposal tank.
Water and Waste Systems - Section J
Owner’s Manual Page 94
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