2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

ABAFT - Toward the rear of a boat.
ABEAM - At right angles to the keel of the boat.
ABOARD - On the boat.
BILGE - The lowest interior area of a hull, used to
collect water that has entered.
BILGE PUMP - A pump intended for removal of spray,
rainwater, and the normal accumulation of water due
to seepage and spillage; not intended for damage
ABREAST - Side by side.
ADRIFT - Loose, not on moorings or towline.
AFT - Moving toward the stern, you are going aft.
AGROUND - Stuck fast to the bottom.
AHEAD - In a forward direction.
BINNACLE - The stand or support for a magnetic
compass occasionally used to mean helm.
BITT - A heavy and firmly mounted piece of wood
or metal used for securing lines.
BLOCK - A wooden or metal case enclosing one
or more pulleys and having a hook, eye, or strap by
which it may be attached.
ALEE - Away from the direction of the wind; opposite
of windward.
BOLLARD - A single post (wood, metal, or concrete)
on a dock, pier, or wharf used to secure a vessel’s
ALOFT - Above the deck.
AMIDSHIPS - 1. An object or area midway between
the bow and stern.  2. An object or area midway
between the port side and the starboard side of a
BONDING - The electrical connection of exposed
metallic, non-current carrying components to a
common point on the main engine block.
AMPERE - The standard unit used to measure the
BOW - The front end of the boat.
draw of an electrical current.
BOW LINE - A docking line leading from the bow.
ANCHOR RODE OR ROPE - The line (chain)
connecting a vessel to its anchor.
BREAKER - A single breaking, plunging or spilling
ANCHOR BALL - A black, circular, day signal hoisted
to show that a vessel is anchored. Replaced at dusk
by the anchor light.
BREAKER LINE - The outer limit of the surf.
However, all breakers may not be in a line.
They can occur outside the breaker line.
ASTERN - Anywhere behind the boat, a reverse
direction, opposite of ahead.
BRIDGE - The main vessel control station.
ATHWARTSHIPS - A line, or anything else, running
BROACH - The turning of a boat parallel to the waves,
perpendicular to the fore-and-aft center line of a boat.
subjecting it to possible capsizing.
BATTEN - A strip of wood or metal used to secure
tarpaulin(s) in place over a hatch. To batten down
means to secure for rough weather.
BULKHEADS - The interior walls of a boat.
BULWARK - The side of a vessel when carried above
the level of the deck.
BEAM - 1. The widest distance across a boat from the
outside skin on one side to the outside skin on the
other.  2. A transverse structural member that stiffens
and supports a portion of the deck.
BUOY - An anchored float used for marking a position
on the water, a hazard, or a shoal.
CAPSIZE - To turn over.
BEAM WIND - A wind blowing against the side of the
vessel, perpendicular to the long axis of the vessel.
Owner’s Manual Page 188
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