2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

Clean canvas with warm water, mild soap and a
soft brush. For the clear Isinglass pieces use a
soft, clean cloth. Be certain to rinse cloth often
to remove any dirt collected in the cloth that
could scratch the clear vinyl.
O - 4
The camper is standard and provides cover/shade
for the aft portion of the cockpit area. It is designed to
be fastened to the radar arch with the use of a track.
The camper aft curtain and camper side curtains can
be installed to enclose the aft cockpit area. The
camper and camper curtains used in conjunction with
the visor and forward side curtains completely enclos-
es the cockpit area when desired. See Figure O2.
Make sure your bimini top and camper top are
properly centered prior to installing the Isinglass
Camper Top
Aft Curtain
O - 3
High winds encountered during trailering your boat
can severely damage most weather covers. If an
extended trip at highway speeds is planned, the top
and other weather covers should be booted or
removed entirely. This will prevent damage and/or
loss. See Figure O1.
Fwd Curtains
Camper Side Curtian
Figure O2: Camper Canvas
Installing valances:
Valances - small areas of canvas curtain -are use
to attach larger canvas pieces to the vessel. There
are valances for the visor, forward side curtains,
camper top and camper side curtains. See Figure
Figure O1: Vista Camper Top - Booted
(Representative View)
The forward side curtain valance attaches with the
velcro facing out.
The camper top valance attaches with the velcro
facing in.
DO NOT tow your boat at highway speeds
with weather covers in place. High winds
encountered during trailering your boat can
severely damage most weather covers.
Damage to weather covers incurred as a result
of trailering your boat is not covered under
The camper side curtain attaches with the velcro
facing out.
To install forward side curtains & visor:
Locate the center, left and right windshield visors.
Canvas should be snug. If too taut or extremely
tight, canvas could tear or pull at seams.
2)  Attach the center visor piece to the valence at the
arch, then each of the side visors - zipping each
piece about 3” until all the parts are in position.
Snap the visor to the top of the windshield (from
the outside if possible).
Finish zipping all the visor pieces.
Weather Covers - Section O
Owner’s Manual Page 157
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