2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

CAPSTAN - A machine that moves a cylindrical
device on a shaft for the purpose of hauling up an
DEAD RECKONING - A plot of courses steered and
distances traveled through the water.
DECK - A permanent covering over a compartment,
hull or any part thereof.
CAST OFF - To let go.
CATAMARAN - A twin-hulled boat, with the hulls
being side-by-side.
DESIGNATOR - Model identifier or model name.
to mark or point out; indicate; show; specify.
to denote; indicate; signify.
to name; entitle; style.
CHINE - The intersection of a boat’s bottom and side.
If this intersection is rounded, it is a “soft” chine.
If the intersection is squared off, it is a “hard” chine.
DINGHY - A small, open boat used for ship to shore
CHOCK - 1. A fitting or hole in a railing or deck
through which a mooring or anchor line is routed.
DISPLACEMENT - The weight of water dislocated by
the hull of a vessel.
A wedge used to secure an item in place.
CIRCUIT BREAKER - A device used to interrupt an
electrical circuit when current flow exceeds a predeter-
mined level.
DISPLACEMENT HULL - A hull that “displaces” a
volume of water equal to the weight of the boat. A hull
designed to run in the water rather than on top of the
water.  When a displacement hull moves through the
water, it pushes that water out of the way. Water will
then flow around the hull and fill the “hole” the boat
leaves astern.
CLEAT - A double-ended deck fitting to which lines
are secured; usually anvil-shaped.
COAMINGS - Raised lips around cockpits or hatches
used to keep water from entering
DOCUMENTED VESSEL - Documented yachts have
been specially registered with the U.S. Coast Guard.
All documented yachts must have their name and
home (hailing) port marked on some conspicuous
place on the hull. Numbering is not required. Advan-
tages include legal authority to fly the yacht ensign,
privilege of recording bills of sale, and other instru-
ments of title with federal officials, and preferred status
for mortgages. Documentation does not exempt the
unit from any State or Federal taxes. All safety and
equipment regulations still apply.
COCKPIT - An exposed deck area (usually aft) that is
substantially lower than the adjacent deck.
COMBER - A wave on the point of breaking. A
comber has a thin line of white water on its crest,
known as “feathering.”
COMPANIONWAY - The steps or ladder leading
downward from a deck.
COMPARTMENTS - Rooms divided by bulkheads.
COUNTER - The overhang at the stern of a boat.
DOLPHIN - A group of piles driven close together and
bound with wire cables into a single structure.
DRAFT - 1. The depth of a boat from the actual water
line to the bottom of the lowest part of the boat (e.g.,
the propeller tip or rudder).  2. The depth of water
necessary to float a boat.
CRADLE - A framework, generally made of wood,
used to support a boat when it is out of the water.
CREST - The top of a wave, breaker or swell.
CUDDY - A small sheltered cabin in a boat.
CURRENT - 1. The movement of water,
DROGUE - Any device streamed astern to check
a vessel’s speed, or to keep its stern up to the waves
in a following sea.
The flow of electrical charge.
DYE MARKER - A brightly colored chemical that
spreads when released into water; normally used
to attract attention.
DEAD AHEAD - Directly in front of the boat.
EBB TIDE - A receding tide.
Owner’s Manual Page 189
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