2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

MODEL DESIGNATOR - Model identifier or model
POINT - One of 32 points of the compass that is equal
to 11-1/4 degrees.
MOORING - An arrangement for securing a boat
to a mooring buoy or pier.
PORT - 1. Looking forward, the left side of a boat,
2. A harbor,  3. An opening for light or ventilation or
passage of material in the side of a boat.
NAVIGATION LIGHTS - A set of red and green or
white lights which must be shown by all vessels
between dusk and dawn.
PORT BEAM - The left-center of a boat.
PORT BOW - Facing the bow, the front left side.
OVERHEAD - A ceiling or roof of a vessel.
OVERBOARD - Over the side of the boat.
PORT QUARTER - Looking forward, a vessel’s left
rear section.
OUTBOARD - 1. From the fore-and-aft centerline of a
boat toward both the port and starboard sides. 2. The
seaward side of a moored boat. 3.  An engine that is
mounted externally onto the transom of a boat.
QUARTER - The sides of a boat aft of amidships.
QUARTERING SEA - Sea coming on a boat’s
PAINTER - A line to the bow of a small boat used for
making fast.
RED-RIGHT-RETURNING - A term for helmsmen
that buoys and day markers are on the right when
returning from seaward.
PASSAGEWAY - A corridor or hallway aboard ship.
REEF - A shallow underwater barrier.
PENNANT - The line by which a boat is made fast
to a mooring buoy; also pendant.
REEVE - To pass a line through a block or other
A life preserver.
RIDGES - High pressure fingers extending out
from a high.
PIER - A loading platform that extends at an angle
from the shore.
RODE - The anchor line or chain.
PILASTER - A rectangular structural support column
that is an extension of the port and starboard aft cabin
sides and which supports the hardtop and flybridge.
RUNNING LIGHTS - Lights required to be shown
on boats underway between sundown and sunup.
RUDDER - A vertical plate for steering a boat.
PILING - Support, or protection for wharves, piers, etc.
SALON - The main social cabin on a vessel,
usually the largest area, occasionally referred to
as the deckhouse.
PITCH - 1. The vertical (up and down) motion of
a bow in a seaway, about the athwartships axis.
The axial advance of a propeller during one
complete revolution.
SCREW - A propeller.
PITCHPOLING - A boat being thrown end-over-end.
SCUPPER - A drain from the edge of a deck that
discharges overboard.
PLACARD - A board or stiff card bearing a notice,
advertisement, message, etc.
SEACOCK - A positive action shut-off valve
connected directly to the hull seawater intake and
discharge piping.
PLANING HULL - At slow speeds, a planing hull will
displace water in the same manner as a displacement
hull.  As speed is increased, the hull provides a lifting
effect up onto the surface of the water.
SERIES - A group of waves which seem to travel
together and at about the same speed.
Owner’s Manual Page 192
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