2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

Aluminum can be cleaned with similar products or with
nonabrasive cleaners such as Fantastik™.
Read the label before using any product. DO
NOT use abrasive cleaners.
B.   Plexiglass
Plexiglass (acrylic plastic) is used for port holes,
companionway door assemblies, transom doors,
sliding storage doors, electrical panel doors, cabinets
and cabin windows. Plexiglass will scratch easily and
must be handled with care.
Figure M4: Access to Walk-Thru Windshield
To clean, follow the instructions located in Sections
M-3 and Q-8. DO NOT use paper towels. They will
scratch the plexiglass.
Four Winns does not recommend occupying
the foredeck during bad weather or on rough
seas. DO NOT use walk-thru instead use deck
hatches and only if absolutely necessary
during any bad weather or on rough sea
Plexiglass or plastic polish may also be used. Read
the label first before using any cleaning product.
DO NOT use harsh chemicals or strong
cleaning solutions on plexiglass. The surface
can be etched, scratched, disfigured, or
clouded. See Section Q - 8 Acrylic Plastic -
Make sure deck hatches are closed or be
aware of their location when using walk-thru
and moving around the foredeck to prevent
possible injury.
We recommend you close and secure the
walk-thru windshield while underway. Damage
to the windshield could result.
The foredeck hatches consist of a translucent plexi-
glass. The hatch is supported by one locking hinge
and can be secured in a partially open position for
ventilation. See Figure M5. Follow the cleaning
directions for plexiglass described in Sections M - 3
and Q - 8 of this manual.
Secure walk-thru windshield with strap (if
applicable) when in open position. Securing
the walk-thru windshield will help prevent the
windshield from accidently slamming closed
due to high wind and/or wake condition, thus
reducing the chance of damage to windshield
or injury.
Windshields made of tempered glass can be cleaned
with automotive glass cleaners or dishwashing soap
and water. Ensure that a clean cloth is used to prevent
scratching the glass.
Exterior Equipment - Section M
Owner’s Manual Page 141
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