2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

To flush toilet, press flush lever sharply down to
the floor until contents clear bowl. A sharp popping
noise is normal when the vacuum seal is broken
and the flushing action begins. Be sure to hold
lever down for 3 seconds. If flush lever is
accidentally released before waste clears bowl, do
not attempt to flush toilet again until vacuum pump
stops running. A small amount of water should
remain in the bowl after flushing.
Head Discharge
Do not dispose of sanitary napkins or other non-
dissolving items in toilet, such as facial tissue or
paper towels. These items can cause plugging of
the system. Refer to the “Deodorants and Special
Tissue” section in the manufacturer’s manual for
more information.
Figure J7: Overboard Discharge Option
Add Water
2.  Flush For
3.  Do Not
The discharge pump must be used to
discharge waste overboard.  However, DO
NOT use the discharge pump to discharge
waste at a pumping station.
To operate the overboard discharge system:
Figure J5: VacuFlush   Operations
The discharge valve is located in the engine
compartment labeled HEAD DISCHARGE. To
open, turn the valve so that the handle is parallel
to the flow of the valve. The waste deck plate
cover must be tightened securely for the over-
board discharge system to operate.
Turn ON the overboard discharge switch which is
located in the head on the switch panel. Allow the
discharge pump to run until the storage tank is
empty. The sound of the pump’s motor load and
speed will change when the tank becomes empty.
Turn the overboard discharge switch off.
Turn the head discharge valve handle to the
closed position, and secure it. This thru-hull valve
(seacock) must be closed to prevent water from
being forced back into the system.
Figure J6: VacuFlush   Waste Holding Tank System
B.   Head With Overboard Discharge
This option is available on the 338 Vista  models. The
head toilet operations are the same as the systems
described earlier. A discharge pump is incorporated
into the VacuFlush  waste holding tank system. An
additional hose with a seacock has also been installed
for overboard discharge. Refer to Figure J7. Note: A
circuit breaker which protects the unit is located on the
DC portion of the AC/DC cabin panel.
Water and Waste Systems - Section J
Owner’s Manual Page 93
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