2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

Raise support poles to keep water from pooling
on top of canvas.
Snap walk-thru area and visually check
all your work.
Figure O8: Carbon Monoxide Canvas Warning Label
Figure O7: Cockpit Cover Installation
Figure O9: Carbon Monoxide Warning Label
When an engine is running, a natural vacuum may
exist with the right wind and sea conditions to allow
exhaust gases (which includes carbon monoxide) to
seep into the boat. When canvas is utilized, this
The boat must be properly protected during winter dry
dock storage. A winter storage cover is advisable.
compounds the possibility of this occurring and inhibits     Many marine dealers offer shrinkwrap enclosures for
natural ventilation. For more information, refer to
Section B-2 - Carbon Monoxide in this manual.
outdoor storage. See a Four Winns dealer for informa-
tion on the availability of winter storage covers or other
alternatives for storage.
The carbon monoxide in exhaust fumes can be
hazardous. It is important for you and your passengers    When storing outdoors, make sure the supporting
to be aware of the potential safety hazard created by
exhaust fumes. Familiarize yourself with the symp-
toms of individuals overcome by carbon monoxide,
and most importantly, ways you can protect yourself
and your guests. See Figure O8 - Carbon Monoxide
Canvas Warning Label and Figure O9 - Carbon
Monoxide Warning Label.
framework keeps the weight of the snow and rain from
accumulating on the storage cover. Proper ventilation
must also be provided or dry rot and mildew will occur.
See Section R - General Maintenance for additional
winter storage information.
Weather Covers - Section O
Owner’s Manual Page 160
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