2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

above, or when running in a following sea.
When running at an engine speed that results in the
boat falling off plane or causes the boat to plane
inefficiently, lowering both tabs slightly (bow down)
will improve the running angle and improve operating
Tach/Hour Meter
Tach/Hour Meter
4-in-1 Gauge
Trim Gauge   Trim Gauge
Optimum efficiency is obtained when operating at a
to 5 degree running angle. Utilizing too much “Bow
Down” trim tab can reduce operating efficiency and
cause substantial steering and handling difficulties.
Be extremely careful when running in a following sea.
The effect of trim tabs is amplified under such condi-
tions. Steering and handling difficulties can result from
improper trim tab usage, especially in a following sea.
If unsure of proper trim tab positioning, raise the trim
tabs to the full-up position.
Figure E5: 338 Vista  Helm Station
A.   Tachometer
The tachometers indicate the speed of the engines in
revolutions per minute (RPM) and are preset by Four
Winns. This speed is not the boat speed or necessar-
ily the speed of the propeller. They may not register
zero with the ignition key in the OFF position. Note:
When running at high engine speeds, be sure
the trim tabs are in the full up position. Trim tab
action should be only enough to compensate
for any listing. Trim tab adjustments at high
speeds are extremely critical. Be prepared to
slow down should handling difficulties arise.
The 338 Vista  models come with a tachometer/hour
meter combination gauge which allows for hour meter
viewing at the helm.  See Figure E5. Please refer to
Section E-9I - Engine Hour Meter for information
regarding the engine hour meter.
When running in a displacement (very slow speed)
mode, better efficiency will be obtained with the trim
tabs in the full-up position.
Never exceed the maximum recommended
operating RPM of your engines. Maintaining
maximum, or close to maximum RPM for
extended periods can reduce the life of the
C.   Trim Tab Maintenance
Check the fluid level of the trim tab reservoir often.
Always keep the fluid level between the designated
marks on the trim tab pump-reservoir. Refer to the
manufacturers information for specifications on the
type of fluid to be used and other operation and
maintenance information.
Some engines are equipped with devices that limit
engine RPM in accordance with the oil pressure or
engine temperature. Refer to the engine owner’s
manual for additional information.
The tachometer must be set for different engines
installed. This is typically done at the factory. The
tachometer gauge is shown along with the table detail-
ing the tachometer settings. See Figure E6.
The helm station is equipped with a complete set of
engine instruments. These instruments allow the pilot
to constantly monitor the operational condition of the
engine. Close observation of these instruments could
save the engine from damage.
The 338 Vista  models have individual as well as
combination gauges in the dash panel as standard
instrumentation. See Figure E5.
Engines, Drives and Instrumentation - Section E
Owner’s Manual Page 59
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