2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

on board to observe the person in the water so the
driver can concentrate on operating the boat.
9.   Do not allow anyone near the propeller(s), even
when the engine is off. Propeller blades are sharp
and can continue to turn even after the engine is
off. Stay at least 150 feet away from areas marked
by diver down float. See Figure B-16.
A.   Water Sport Guidelines
Everyone participating in a water sport should observe
these guidelines:
Allow only capable swimmers to take part in any
water sport.
Always wear a personal flotation device (PFD)
approved by the US Coast Guard. Wearing
a properly designed PFD helps a stunned or
unconscious person stay afloat.
Figure B-16: Diver Down Float
Be considerate of others with whom you share
the water.
10. Do not drive the boat directly behind a water skier.
At 25 miles per hour, the boat will overtake a
fallen skier who was 200 feet in front in about
5 seconds.
Give immediate attention to a person who has
fallen. He or she is vulnerable in the water alone
and may not be seen by other boaters.
B. Water Skiing/Wakeboarding/Kneeboarding
Approach a person in the water from the lee side
(opposite the direction of the wind). Turn off the
motor at least a boat length from the person.
The popular sport of water skiing has brought a
special set of safety precautions to observe in boating.
The following guides help prevent accidents while
water skiing.
Turn engine off and anchor before swimming.
Water ski only in safe areas, away from other
boats and swimmers, out of channels, and in
water free of underwater obstructions.
Always participate in water sports in safe areas.
Stay away from other boats, beaches, restricted
areas, swimmers and heavily traveled waterways.
Allow no one who can not swim to water ski.
Skiers must wear a USCG approved flotation
device. A Type III water-ski vest is an approved
and practical PFD.
Swim only in areas designated as safe for swim-
ming. These are usually marked with a swim area
buoy (see Figure B-15). Do not swim alone or at
Have a second person aboard to observe the
skier and inform the driver about the skier’s hand
signals (Figure B-17). The driver must give full
attention to operating the boat and the waters
Give immediate attention to a fallen skier. Be
careful not to swamp the boat while taking the
skier on board.
Figure B-15: Swim Area Buoy
Always participate in water sports in safe areas.
Stay away from other boats, beaches, swimmers,
and heavily traveled waterways.
Rotating Propeller!
Rotating propeller can cut or sever causing
serious injury or death. Shut engine off and
remove ignition key when anyone is swimming
nearby. (See Section B-3D).
Be considerate of others with whom you share
the water.
Boating Safety - Section B
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