2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

generator manufacturers information for specifications
and additional details.
Some marina shore power systems may be
improperly grounded to retard electrolysis
(see Section H-11 - Stray Current Corrosion).
Before using any 120 volt equipment, make
sure the reverse polarity light does not activate
when connecting the cord to the inlet.
If you wish to use dockside power, be sure the genera-
tor is off, connect the shore power cords as explained
in Section H-8A, and turn on the Shore Power breakers
on the AC cabin panel. If you wish to use generator
D.   Ground Fault Current Interrupters (GFCI)
Be sure the shore power cord(s) are disconnected.
The ground fault current interrupter (GFCI) is a device
which protects against hazardous electrical shock
from improper ground. An appliance electrical cord
with worn insulation or damp equipment may have
stray current which will run through electrical grounds.
Stray current as above will result in an electrical
Check the bilge for fumes, operate the blower for at
least 4 minutes, and verify blower operation.
Open the generator’s seacock valve (labeled
GENERATOR) to allow water flow to the generator
for cooling purposes.
One GFCI receptacle will protect all of the receptacles
on the circuit. A GFCI may be used as a receptacle as
well as an interrupter.
In order to use the generator, you must first
open the seacock valve (handle parallel to the
flow of valve). Failure to open seacock valve
while running generator will cause generator to
overheat and possible failure. When not using
the generator be sure to close the seacock.
To test:
Push the black test button and the red reset button
should pop out from the inner surface. The receptacle
and the circuit are now off.
Start the generator using the remote generator start
switch on the AC/DC cabin panel.
Push the reset button in until it clicks to reset it. If it
does not reset, there is either a short in the circuit or
the equipment being used, or a ground fault in the
equipment. Unplug all appliances and reset the GFCI.
One at a time, plug the equipment back in and turn it
on. The item that causes the GFCI to trip is the
problem item and should not be used.
Turn on the generator’s main breakers located in the
AC cabin panel.
Be sure to operate the bilge blower for at least
four (4) minutes before starting engine or
generator, or whenever operating the engine(s)
at idle speed. Check the bilge blower output
before each use.
H - 9
A generator is optional on the 338 Vista  models. It
provides 120 Volt (220V) AC power when the boat is
away from the dock. The generator can be operated
while running at or below cruising speed. The genera-
tor should not be operated when the boat is being run
at high speeds. Insufficient cooling water may be
available due to the speed.
Generator exhaust contains carbon monoxide.
Review information regarding carbon
monoxide at Section B-2 - Carbon Monoxide
and Section E-2 - Engine Exhaust.
A generator factory installed by Four Winns is capable
of providing sufficient power for most electrical needs
including cooking, refrigeration, and air conditioning.
It is possible to overload the generator by trying
to operate too much equipment at one time. The
circuit breaker that protects the output circuits on the
generator set will trip should that occur. See the
Periodic generator maintenance as outlined in the
generator owner’s manual is necessary. Refer to the
manufacturer’s literature for more information. General
generator installation diagrams are included at the end
of this section.
Electrical Systems - Section H
Owner’s Manual Page 76
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