2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

The bilge pumps are equipped with an automatic
switch to control pump operation. As the water level
rises, the automatic float switch will activate the pump.
Separate circuit breakers are provided on the battery
switch to supply power directly from the “SHIP SYS-
TEMS” battery to the forward and aft bilge pumps
regardless of battery selector switch position.
While at rest, any bilge water accumulation
may flow forward. DO NOT allow bilge water
to accumulate. Damage to the engine or other
components may result. Periodically operate
the bilge pump to remove bilge water
When leaving the boat unattended for long periods of
time or during excessive rain storms, it is a good idea
to check on the boat for excessive water accumula-
tion.  Be sure the bilge pumps and automatic float
switches are operating properly. The operating time of
the bilge pumps will be limited to the battery capacity.
Figure K1:  Layered Deck Hatch
Screen/Sun/Shade System
Be sure deck hatch(s) is secured while under-
way.  Damage to the hatch may result.
Periodically, clean the bilge pump strainers. DO NOT
allow dirt and debris to clog the bilge pump intakes.
Check operation of the bilge pump float switch often to
ensure movement of the switch is not restricted by
debris, portions of the hull, etc.
A.   Transom Drain
Wipe up any oil accumulation in the bilge prior to
activation of the bilge pumps. Pumping oil overboard
will pollute the water, and is subject to fine.
A transom drain with plug is provided in the engine
compartment to allow water drainage. When boat is
out of the water, the boat and cradle should be
positioned so any bilge water accumulation during dry
storage will flow towards the transom.
After winterization of the fresh water systems, be sure
the bilge area, bilge pumps and associated hoses are
thoroughly dry. Damage to the hull, bilge pumps and
other equipment could occur if water is allowed to
freeze in the bilge. Refer to the manufacturers litera-
ture included in the owner’s packet for additional
Be sure the drain plug is securely in place prior
to launching the boat. Upon shipment of the
boat, the drain plug is usually taped to the
steering wheel.
C.   Sump
A sump box is installed in the floor, just forward of the
aft cabin. See the 338 Vista  locator drawing at the
B.   Bilge Pumps
back of this manual.  It is equipped with an automatic
float switch and will pump water overboard or into the
grey water tank (if available). Refer to Section J-2D
on using the shower and for additional information on
sump pump operation.
Forward and aft bilge pumps are provided in the
bottom of the hull to remove miscellaneous water
accumulations that might occur during normal boating
or weather conditions. The aft bilge pump is controlled
by the BILGE PUMP switch located on the port helm
switch panel. Refer to Section H for further information
regarding bilge pumps.
Ventilation and Drainage Systems - Section K
Owner’s Manual Page 123
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