2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

Failure to care for your vinyl properly, or use of
improper cleaners may void your warranty and
damage your vinyl.
Prior to using any mild laundry soaps or carpet
shampoo, always conduct a color-fast test on a
small inconspicuous portion of carpet before
applying to entire carpet.
When docking or mooring your boat be aware
of your surroundings i.e. trees with pollen, wet
leaves, berries etc. These and other items can
contain dyes that stain permanently. Utilize
weather covers whenever possibly to protect
vinyl from potential stains.
DO NOT dry carpeting in an automatic dryer.
Lay-In Carpet
DO NOT use Formula 409™ Fantastk™,
Simple Green™, Armorall™, Murphy’s Oil
Soap™, Son-of-a-Gun™, Bleach / Baking
Soda, Turtle Wax™ or Tar Remover on vinyl.
Do not use kerosine, gasoline or acetone as
they will remove the protective marine topcoat.
Figure N22:  Cockpit Lay-in Carpet
C.   Cleaning and Maintenance
All cleaning methods must be followed by
a thorough rinse with water and drying.
The following information should be useful in helping
you keep your carpet looking well maintained.
Carpet made with Olefin   fiber possesses built-in
stain and soil release for easy, less costly mainte-
nance. Regular vacuuming and occasional sham-
pooing will help it stay attractive and serviceable.
Additional cleaning information is provided by the
manufacturer and is included with this manual.
Four Winns offers a variety of optional weather covers
for protection of the boat and associated equipment.
Continued exposure can damage the upholstery and
seating. The seating can become thoroughly satu-
rated with water if not adequately protected. Refer to
Section O - Weather Covers for more information.
D.   Stain Removal Testing
Even the most stubborn stains can be removed from
Olefin fiber following the procedures outlined. Stains
were selected as being representative of spills
commonly occurring on carpets. Stains were pressed
into the carpet to simulate foot pressure following a
spill. Stains were applied to a two-inch square section
and allowed to penetrate. Removal was performed
after two weeks. Carpets were tested for stain removal
by an independent laboratory. Stain removal was
effective for the all the stains selected. Results are
shown in the table on the following page.
The appearance and longevity of the exterior
upholstery will be affected by water saturation.
Protect these items appropriately.
B.   Exterior Carpets
The removable exterior grade carpeting may be
periodically washed with mild laundry soaps or
shampooed, dried and reinstalled. It is 100% UV stabi-
lized Olefin   polypropylene fiber with rubber backing.
See Figure N22.
Upholstery - Section N
Owner’s Manual Page 154
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