2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

On the 338 Vista
models the water heater incorpo-
Periodically check the sump pump screen for clogs to
prevent drainage problems from occurring in the
shower drain. Refer to the manufacturer’s literature
included in the owner’s packet.
rates a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger allows
the engine coolant to heat a portion of the fresh water
supply while the engines are operating. This option
will provide hot water at times when 120 volt power is
not available. Additional information on heat exchang-
ers is covered in the engine and hot water heater
manufacturers’ manuals. Please refer to Section H on
Electrical Systems for additional information.
The gray water system is optional on Vista  models.
The water from the galley sink, head sink and shower
will drain into a sump and is pumped into a gray water
holding tank respectively.  The waste level indicator is
located in the head compartment. A pumpout fitting
labeled WASTE but designated for gray water is
provided on the deck. Refer to the drawings at the
end of this section.
D.   Using The Shower
Turn on the shower by lifting up on the shower handle.
Rotate the shower handle position to obtain the
desired temperature. The shower head is designed to
be hand-held. If desired the shower sprayer may be
removed from its holder position and used. This hand-
held feature allows for greater ease of use and
efficiency. When showering has been completed, turn
the shower handle to the off position and place the
shower head back onto its holder (if applicable).
Certain geographical areas have restrictions
on grey water being pumped or drained
overboard.  Be sure to check all local, state
and federal laws in the boating area.
When using the shower, draw the shower curtain
before using the shower. Damage to the finish can
result if surrounding walls and flooring are allowed to
become excessively wet. Thoroughly dry these areas
after showering.
J - 4
Shore water connection is standard on the 338 Vista
models. This feature allows the direct connection of a
city or shoreside water supply to the boat’s water
system to provide a constant supply of fresh water
without the need to constantly refill the water supply
tank. This minimizes pressure pump operation thus
extending the life span of the pump.
The water temperature can vary during shower
use as the pressure pump cycles on and off.
A shower sump pump is incorporated into the drain
system of the shower. The shower drains into the
sump pump located forward of the aft cabin. The
water will then be pumped overboard. If a gray water
system is installed, the water will be pumped into the
gray water holding tank.
Dockside shore water pressure can vary dramatically.
Excess pressure could damage the boat’s water
system so the shore connection also regulates the
water pressure to a maximum of 35 psi.
The sump pump includes an automatic bilge switch
and is protected by a circuit breaker at the AC/DC
cabin panel. The sump pump will automatically start
as soon as the water in the sump reaches a level that
will cause the float on the switch to rise.
The shore water inlet/regulator fitting is located
outboard, on the starboard side of the transom above
the swim platform, inside the transom washdown
storage area. See Figures J3 and the drawings at the
end of this section.
After showering, let the water flow for a period of time
to flush the pump of soap residue. Check the sump for
excess residue. When rinsed out, the pump will
automatically shut off.
To use shore water, connect a hose from the shore
water faucet to the shore water fitting on the boat and
turn on the shore water. The water system of the boat
will then be pressurized by city water if the system
was previously primed.
If water flow from the shower head appears to be
restricted, it may be due to sediment accumulating at
the shower head. If necessary, remove the shower
head and clean the discharge holes with a fine wire.
Water and Waste Systems - Section J
Owner’s Manual Page 91
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