2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

Turn the FRESH WATER circuit breaker switch “OFF”
when the water tank becomes empty or when water
will not be required for an extended period or when
connected to shore water while at dockside. Tank
monitoring systems are available to check water
levels. Refer to Section J-1 and J-2 in this manual for
additional information.
The boat is equipped with 30 amp, 120 volt, 60 Hertz
(or 15 amp, 220 volt, 50 Hertz) AC electrical wiring.
Depending on the model and when the boat is con-
nected to a shore power outlet, the AC system
supplies electrical power to the following items: battery
charger, galley refrigerator, water heater, range,
microwave, cockpit icemaker or cockpit refrigerator,
outlets, vacuum and air conditioning. The dockside
system uses three-wire, color-coded circuitry. The
black or hot wire is the ungrounded current carrying
conductor. The white or neutral wire is the grounded
current carrying conductor. The green wire, referred to
as the “equipment ground,” is a grounded conductor,
and under normal conditions is not a current carrying
wire. The neutral wires are connected together at a
buss bar. The equipment grounds are similarly
Cockpit Icemaker or Refrigerator - A circuit breaker is
provided on the AC side of the AC/DC cabin panel
and on the 12 VDC helm systems breaker panel. The
refrigerator has a separate “ON/OFF” switch. Refer to
Section L-2 in this manual and to the manufacturer’s
literature for additional information.
Stereo - The stereo has a separate switch on the unit
and is protected by a circuit breaker labeled STEREO
on the battery switch panel.
connected together at another buss bar. Each hot wire
is connected to, and protected by, a circuit breaker in
the distribution box located at the top section of the
AC/DC cabin panel identified “120V AC SYSTEM”.
TV/DVD - The TV and DVD player have a separate
switch on the unit and is protected by a circuit breaker
labeled TV/DVD on the 12 volt cabin AC/DC panel.
Stereo Amplifier - The amplifier is protected by a
circuit breaker labeled STEREO AMPLIFIER on the
The standard dockside system has a main circuit
breaker which protects the overall distribution network.
The MAIN dockside inlets are located in the aft
volt cabin AC/DC panel.
transom systems locker. The 338 Vista  models have
Sump Pump - A sump pump is used to discharge
water from the shower and sink drains overboard. The
sump pump has a float switch which will activate the
pump when the water level rises in the sump. This
pump is protected by the SHOWER SUMP PUMP
MAIN circuit breakers for either the generator or shore
power operation on the AC/DC cabin panel. The
respective MAIN breakers must be turned “ON” and
the boat must be connected either to shore power or
generator running for AC system operation. The MAIN
circuit breaker located in the 12 volt DC system side of    circuit breakers protects both the hot and neutral input
the AC/DC cabin panel.
leads. This breaker is sensitive. The resulting power
surge which occurs when connecting the shore power
cord may cause the MAIN breakers to trip. To avoid
this power spike, turn off the MAIN breakers before
plugging in the shore power cord. Securely connect
the power inlet of the boat and the shore power
receptacle. Once the shore power is securely con-
nected, turn the MAIN breakers back on. If the con-
nection is broken and later re-secured, the circuit
breaker may trip. Connections must be secure for
uninterrupted dockside service.
If the boat is equipped with a gray water system, the
water from the shower and sinks is pumped into a
holding tank instead of overboard.
When leaving your boat unattended for an extended
period of time it is advisable to shutdown the electrical
system to reduce battery drainage and/or possible
electrical draw.
The AC voltage for the generator or shore power AC
systems 1 or 2, may be monitored with the AC voltme-
ter in the AC/DC panel. Use the AC source toggle
switch to monitor the voltage of the system desired.
AC Systems 1 is for all the 120 volt (220 volt, 50
Hertz) electrical equipment with the exception of the
air conditioner. The air conditioner is supplied with 120
volt (220 volt, 50 Hertz) power from the AC System 2
To shutdown:
Turn the battery switch(s) to the “OFF” position.
If your battery switch has a SHIP SYSTEMS circuit
breaker switch, move the switch to the “OFF”
Electrical Systems - Section H
Owner’s Manual Page 73
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