2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

5.   Ultraviolet degradation may occur under prolonged
exposure to direct sunlight. Store the top in the
boot when not in use.
Salt water can corrode brass, aluminum, or
stainless steel fittings and fasteners. Keep fittings
clean, lubricated, and waxed to prevent corrosion.
Clear vinyl curtains and windows demand extra care
to prevent scratching. Hose clean water onto vinyl to
rinse off salt, dirt, or grime prior to using a soft, clean
cloth. Dirt or grit in the cloth will scratch the vinyl
window. Be sure to rinse cloth often.
DO NOT use hot water. DO NOT dry in an
automatic dryer. DO NOT dry clean or steam
Leakage after cleaning may be the result of insuffi-
cient rinsing. Re-rinse. If leakage continues, apply a
coat of silicone air drying water repellent, such as
Scotchguard™. See your Four Winns dealer for
additional information on weather covers.
Figure O10: Canvas Care & Maintenance Tag
Moisture, dirt, chemicals from industrial fallout, heat,
ultraviolet rays and in some cases, salt water are
factors which affect the longevity of acrylic covers.
See Figure O10.
Moisture can cause shrinkage and mildew. Allow
the cover to dry thoroughly before disassembling
tops. Keep it clean and well ventilated to prevent
mildew. Spraying the weather cover with Lysol
Disinfectant™ or similar product will help prevent
Dirt creates a starting point for mildew when mois-
ture is present. Clean the top with a sponge or soft
scrub brush and mild detergent when  the cover is
installed. Make sure cover is snug to help prevent
Chemicals cause decay if allowed to accumulate
for long periods of time. Keep the cover clean to
prevent decay.
Heat can cause cracks in vinyl components and
stiffening of fabric when enclosed in plastic or
polyethylene. DO NOT store the weather cover in
polyethylene under direct sunlight or high tempera-
ture situations.
Weather Covers - Section O
Owner’s Manual Page 161
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