2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

the appropriate shore power cord is connected or the
generator is running whenever the air conditioning is
to be used.
Most air conditioners utilize surface water as
the cooling medium. Prior to using the air
conditioning, the boat must be in the water and
the seacock to the air conditioning water intake
must be in the open position. The air
conditioning seacock for water intake is below
the aft cabin access panel. Operating air
conditioners without proper cooling water will
cause damage to the air conditioning system.
The air conditioning breakers must be turned on to
activate the air conditioning unit. These breakers are
at the dockside power inlet panel and at the AC/DC
panel, AC Systems 2. Depending upon humidity, the
air conditioner will condense 5 to 15 gallons of water
a day and this water drains into the sump pump.
The air conditioner is located behind the companion-
way cabinet, underneath the port AC cabinet. Air
conditioner vents are located throughout the cabin
to provide good air circulation. There is a vent in the
head for additional air circulation on most models.
The vents are adjustable to change air flow direction
and can be closed. See Figures L8 - L17 and the
locator drawings in the back of this manual.
Air conditioners utilized in Four Winns® Vista® models
are equipped with reverse cycle heat. Thus, some
heat effect can be derived from the unit. It must be
noted that the amount of heat that can be obtained
is limited by the temperature of the raw cooling water
pumped through the system. When the water tem-
perature drops to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the output
is about 50% of the maximum. At 36 degrees Fahren-
heit, the output is very low.
The seawater inlet valve (seacock) is identified with
a plate inscribed with the words “Air Conditioner
Seawater”. Access to the seacock is gained through
an access lid in the aft/mid cabin.
During cold conditions, an alternate or supple-
mental heating system should be used.
In order to use the air conditioner, you must
first open the seawater inlet valve - seacock
(handle parallel to the flow of valve). When not
using the air conditioner be sure to close the
Clean the sea water strainer often. Also, clean the
return air filter screens, located behind the louvered
doors and grills, at least once a month.
To winterize, refer to the manufacturer’s literature
included in the owner’s packet.
Refer to the Figure L7 for the location of the air
conditioning control panel. Please read the manufac-
turer’s information on the air conditioner contained
in the owner’s packet for operation instructions.
Air Conditioner Control Panel
Figure L7: Air Conditioner Control Panel Location
Interior Equipment - Section L
Owner’s Manual Page 128
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