2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

For gasoline engines, turn key switch to START
position and hold until engine starts. DO NOT hold
in START position for more than ten seconds.
If engine does not start, let go momentarily, then
try again.
D.   Shifting and Control Speed
If your boat is equipped with a non-OEM
remote control system, ask your dealer
how to properly operate it.
As soon as engine starts, release key to the ON
or RUN position.
Move shift/throttle lever(s) to the neutral idle
position. Placing the shift/throttle levers in the
neutral detent position will engage neutral start
switch and allow engine to start.
To warm up engine(s) after starting:
The “throttle only” feature allows the boat opertor to
increase the engine’s RPM for warm-up, without
shifting the engine into gear. To engage the “throttle
only”, move the shift/throttle lever into neutral position.
Depress and hold the throttle only button while moving
the shift/throttle lever ahead towards the forward
detent. A double horn chirp indicates a”throttle only”
is engaged. The neutral light will also begin to flash.
Move the shift/throttle lever forward to increase engine
RPM. Note: Engine RPM is limited while in “throttle
only” mode to prevent engine damage. To disengage,
return the shift/throttle lever back to the neutral posi-
tion. To move the levers to the desired positions after
starting you simply push or pull the shift/throttle levers.
See the manufacturer’s literature for further details.
2.   To go FORWARD - move the shift/throttle lever(s)
forward. Once forward gear engagement is
complete, push shift/throttle lever(s) forward until
desired speed is achieved.
3.   To go in REVERSE - move the shift/throttle
lever(s) rearward. Once rearward gear engage-
ment is complete, push shift/throttle lever(s)
rearward until desired speed is achieved.
DO NOT shift from forward to reverse
when the boat is planing.
Priming is not necessary for EFI engines.
Refer to the engine owner’s manual for
additional information.
DO NOT shift if engine speed is above
NEVER turn key to START position when
engine is running.
To go from FORWARD to REVERSE, or
REVERSE to FORWARD; always pause at
NEUTRAL and allow engine speed to return
to idle.
After shifting is completed, slowly push throttle
lever(s) forward/rearward until desired speed
is achieved.
When starting engine, do not allow engine
to “over-rev”.  Engine damage could result.
“Over-revving” engine after off-season
storage could also damage the water pump
When starting engine for the first time after
off-season storage, always idle engine for
ten minutes to allow the water pump to
Operation - Section A
Owner’s Manual Page 20
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