2007-2008 Four Winns Vista 338 Boat Owners Manual

The water pump should be turned off when using city
water. If the pump is OFF, the pump will not function
and the water in the storage tank of the boat will not
be utilized.
Fresh water tank capacity is limited. Connect the boat
to shore water before using large amounts of water
as required when washing down the transom/swim
platform area.
Always remember to disconnect the shore
water supply hose before leaving the dock.
J - 6
The various anti-pollution laws presently in effect have
necessitated the use and availability of a wide variety
of heads. The heads that have been factory installed
Always turn off the shore water whenever the
boat is left unattended. If a major water leak
did occur and went undetected, the boat could
fill with water and sink.
in Four Winns  boats have been chosen to provide
reasonable longevity and reliable service, at a realistic
cost. Refer to the drawings at the end of this section.
Also, refer to the manufacturers literature included in
the owner’s packet.
DO NOT alter or repair the pressurized water
system or shore water connection without
having proper knowledge of the system.
Damage to the water system can occur.
A.   VacuFlush
Sanitation System
See Section J-1 for general water system information
and instructions on filling the water tank. The water
tank will not be filled while connected to shore/city
The VacuFlush
338 Vista
sanitation system is standard on the
. The system eliminates the unpleasant
sulfide odors which plague saltwater systems. Flush
water is no longer drawn through the through-hull
fittings, seacock, and vented loop. It also extends the
life of the system components by eliminating salt
water and impurities from accumulating in the system
over time.
A transom shower with a choice of hot/cold water is
standard on the 338 Vista  models. The shower unit is
The VacuFlush
toilet operates in a different way from
systems use a small
located on the starboard side of the transom systems
locker.  Refer to Figures J4 and to the drawings at the
end of this section.
other marine toilets. VacuFlush
amount of water (a little more than a pint) per flush in
addition to a simple vacuum. The toilet is connected to
the fresh water system. Fresh water is the key to an
odor free bathroom compartment. VacuFlush  toilets
are equipped with an integrated vacuum breaker
which prevents the possible contamination of the
potable/fresh water supply. See Figures J5 & J6. Also
refer to the manufacturer’s literature included in the
owner’s packet. Note: A circuit breaker which protects
the unit is located on the DC portion of the AC/DC
cabin panel.
The VacuFlush  (TOILET) switch located in the
head must be ON in order for the toilet to flush
Shore/City Water
To operate:
Figure J4: Transom Shower
To add water to the toilet before using, raise flush
The water supply system can be used for showering
or washing down the transom area. As long as there
is water pressure, the shower faucet will operate.
lever until desired water level is reached. Gener-
ally, more water is required only when flushing
solids. See Figure J5.
Water and Waste Systems - Section J
Owner’s Manual Page 92
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