2001 Four Winns Funship 214 234 264 Boat Owners Manual

Attach the brace rods to the stern deck mounts.
Adjust the straps (214 FS) for tautness.
Brace     Fwd Bimini
Main Bow
Main Bow
You may choose to run your Funship™ with the bimini
top either fully deployed or folded together (closed) and
secured with  the boot provided.   Either way  it is de-
signed to remain mounted. No storage is provided for
this top in your boat.
Deck Mounts
Use two people to remove the bimini top (win-
ter storage). This will help minimize the risk of
injury and help prevent damage  to the uphol-
stery, the bimini top, and/or the boat.
Figure O2:   234/264 FS Forward Bimini & Bimini  Top
C.   Camper Canvas
The  camper  canvas  is an  option  available   on the
Funship™ models which encloses the cockpit area and
allows for overhead space. The 214 Funship™ camper
utilizes the existing  aft bimini top,  forward cover, for-
ward connector, side curtains, and aft camper curtain.
The 234/264 Funship™ campers also utilize the exist-
ing aft  bimini top,  side curtains, forward  bow curtain
and aft camper  curtain.  Covers roll up  to expose the
window screens.   See Figure O3.    Your Four  Winns
dealer will gladly assist you with your canvas selection
as well as the installation.
Aft/Main bimini canvas deployment should only
be utilized at or below moderate cruising speed
(approximately 0-40 mph).   Avoid full throttle
operation  of  boat  while having  canvas  de-
ployed.  Four Winns recommends booting the
canvas before running at or close to maximum
speed.  In  so doing you will  help to maintain
the life of the canvas and hardware. Also, the
wind should be taken into consideration when
determining operating speed with canvas de-
ployed.  The boat speed plus (+)  wind speed
should not be exceed 40 mph.
To install:
Install bimini top(s) as previously instructed.
B.   Forward Bimini Canvas (234 & 264 Funships™)
Zip the side curtains  and forward connector (214
FS only) or forward bow curtain (234/264 FS only)
to the  bimini top(s).   Snap the  bottom portion of
these curtains to either  the top edge of the wind-
shield or the deck respectively.
A forward  bimini  top is  optional  on the  234 &   264
Funship™ models. The forward bimini provides shade
for persons occupying the bow area. The forward bimini
attaches to the standard rear bimini. See Figure O2.
To Install:
Unroll the  aft camper  curtain and attach  forward
edge of aft camper canvas to bimini zipper.
Attach the  forward bimini  main  bow to  the deck
Depending on  which the  model you  have either
snap the  bottom portion  of the aft  curtain to  the
transom and/or attach shock cords to deck.
Zip the forward bimini top to the aft bimini top.
Attach the forward  brace rod to the  deck mounts
located on the deck.
Funship™ Owner’s Manual
Section O
Page 2
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