2001 Four Winns Funship 214 234 264 Boat Owners Manual

Congratulations on your new boat purchase and welcome to our boating family!
We want your boating experience to be the most enjoyable possible. The more you know about your new boat,
the more you’ll enjoy the time you spend aboard. That’s why we prepared this manual. It’s your guide for safe
operation as well as understanding your boat’s system and equipment. It has been written for the beginning
boater but experienced boaters will find helpful information as well. Be sure to read the contents thoroughly.
The popularity of boating and other water sports has grown tremendously in the past few years. Because of
this, safety is an important issue for everyone who shares our waterways.
Remember that along with the freedom and exhilaration of boating comes the responsibility that you have for
the safety of your passengers and the other boaters who share the water with you. Throughout this manual,
specific precautions and symbols identify safety-related information. Be sure to pay close attention to them.
This symbol means “pay attention!” Here is important information for your safety. If you don’t follow these
instructions, you can damage  your boat, hurt yourself or  someone else or, even worse,  have a fatal
This symbol and signal word indicate a potentially hazardous situation. If you ignore this safety mes-
sage, property damage or minor or moderate personal injury MAY or CAN result.
This symbol and signal word indicate a potential hazard. If you ignore this safety message, serious
injury or death CAN result.
This symbol  and signal word  indicates an immediate  hazard. If you  ignore this safety  message,
serious personal injury or death WILL result.
The precautions in this manual can’t and don’t cover every boating situation. If a specific method or procedure
is not recommended, you must make sure that what you do is safe for you and others. Always use common
sense when boating! Remember to make sure that every safe boating excursion is a happy experience.
We’d also like to remind you to be kind to our environment while you’re boating. Don’t throw garbage and other
refuse overboard.  Do your best to keep harmful compounds like gasoline and antifreeze out of the water.
This manual has been compiled to help you operate your boat with safety and pleasure. It contains the
details of the boat, the equipment supplied or fitted, its systems, and information on its operation and
maintenance. Please read it carefully and familiarize yourself with the boat before using it.
If this is your first boat, or if you are changing to a type of boat you are not familiar with, for your own
comfort and safety, please ensure that you obtain handling and operating experience before “assuming
command” of the boat. Your dealer or national sailing federation or yacht club will be pleased to advise
you of local sea schools and competent instructors.
Funship™ Owner’s  Manual
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