2001 Four Winns Funship 214 234 264 Boat Owners Manual

have to be reinstalled on the interrupter switch before     K.   Engine Hour Meter
the engine can be started.
Engine hour meter is optional on all Funship™ models
and provide a numeric record of elapsed engine operat-
ing time. This  information is important in determining
scheduled maintenance intervals, ships log data, cruise
information, etc. If so equipped, the hour meter will be
located in the engine compartment.
Keep emergency stop switch lanyard free from
obstructions that could interfere with its opera-
tion. Do not modify or remove emergency stop
switch or bypass its safety features. The proper
use of the emergency stop switch will prevent
a runaway boat situation which can cause se-
vere personal injury or death.
The hour meter is connected to the ignition switch. Be
sure the ignition switch is in the OFF position when the
engine is not operating or the hour meter will record ad-
ditional time.
L.   AlarmSystems
Engine alarm systems are available on certain engine
options for the Funship™ models. The alarm is audible
and is actuated by various engine sensors. The sensors
monitor such things low oil pressure,  high water tem-
perature levels and high exhaust manifold temperatures.
Consult your engine owner’s manual for information re-
garding the specific systems monitored by the alarm if
so equipped.
Figure  E6:   Emergency Stop  Switch
M.  Instrument Maintenance
good working condition. Observe the following:
Electrical protection for instruments and ignition circuitry
is provided by fuses. The fuse block is located under-
neath the starboard dash on the Funship™ models.
Lanyard must always be free of entanglements that
could hinder its operation.
Periodically, spray  the ignition  switch with  a contact
cleaner. The ignition  switch and all instruments, con-
trols, etc. should be protected from the weather when
not in use. Four Winns offers appropriate weather cov-
ers for  each model. Excessive exposure  can lead to
gauge and ignition switch difficulties.
Once a month, check the switch for proper opera-
tion. With engine running, pull lanyard. If the engine
does not stop, see your Four Winns dealer.
Once a month, inspect both the clip and lanyard for
cuts, breaks or  wear.  Replace worn or  damaged
DO NOT use a  product such as WD-40 as  a
contact cleaner. Be sure to read the label be-
fore using any product
In an emergency situation, any occupant of the boat can
restart the engine. Just press in and hold the emergency
When the button is released, the engine will stop.
Electronic gauges are affected by static electricity that
builds-up on the  glass face. Periodic washing  on the
gauge face with warm water and mild liquid detergent
will help eliminate the static electricity problem and im-
prove gauge accuracy.
the switch  during regular  boating operation.
Occupants may be thrown forward or possible
engine damage may occur by the sudden loss
Funship™ Owner’s  Manual
Section E
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