2001 Four Winns Funship 214 234 264 Boat Owners Manual

Never operate your boat with the engine lid in its
open position. Doing so could result in damage
or loss of cushion and hardware.   This is also
true when trailering your boat. Cushions, if not
properly stored and secure, will blow out of
the boat.
To prevent possible damage to the vinyl, rinse
with soap and water after applying the Tough
Duty Cleaner™.
Mildew Stains:
N - 2
To kill bacteria creating the mildew, vigorously brush
the stained area with a 4 to 1 mixture of water and
ammonia; rinse with water.
The vinyl material used on the exterior upholstery can be
easily cleaned using mild detergent and water. Be sure to
film. Periodic spraying of the seats with Lysol Spray Dis-
infectant™ will help retard mildew.
Tough Mildew Stains:
Apply a mixture of one (1) teaspoon ammonia, one-
fourth (1/4) cup of hydrogen  peroxide, and three-
fourths (3/4) cup of distilled water; rinse with water.
DO  NOT  apply  vinyl   protectants   such   as
Armorall™. The manufacturer does not recom-
mend this product because it removes  the oils
present in vinyl that keeps vinyl soft.
NOTuse 409 Cleaner™ orArmorall™ on vinyl.
All cleaning methods must be followed by
a thorough rinse with water.
A recommended “Cleaning Kit” includes:
IvoryDishwashingLiquid™  andwater
Clean, white towels
Certain household cleaners, powdered abrasives, steel
wool and industrial cleaners can cause damage and dis-
coloration and are not recommended. Dry cleaning flu-
ids and lacquer solvent should not be used as they will
remove the printed pattern and gloss. Waxes should be
used with caution.  May contain  dyes or solvents that
can permanently damage the protective coating.
Fantastik Spray Cleaner™
Tough Duty Cleaner™
Additional cleaning information is provided by the manu-
(to locate the nearest distributor, call 800-537-8990)   facturer and is included with this manual.
protection of the boat and associated equipment. Con-
tinued exposure can damage the upholstery and seat-
ing. The seating can become thoroughly saturated with
water if not adequately protected. Refer to Section O on
To remove stains, follow the guidelines below.
Basic Stains/Grease/Pencil/Dirt:
IvorySoap™ andwaterorFantastikSprayCleaner™
applied with a medium-soft brush.
The appearance and longevity of the  exterior
upholstery will be affected by water saturation.
Protect these items appropriately.
Tough Stains/Adhesive/Teak Oil/Rust:
Tough Duty Cleaner™, rinse with soap and water.
Funship™ Owner’s  Manual
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