2001 Four Winns Funship 214 234 264 Boat Owners Manual

N.   Running of Engines in Idle
Engines running in idle exhaust carbon monoxide that
can accumulate near the hull of the boat. Do not stand
or swim near the engine exhaust or outdrive when en-
gines are idling or generator is running.
Figure B11:    Desired air  flow through  the boat.
O.   Portable Generator Sets
Gasoline powered portable generators are available in
the marine market place and are not an option available
through Four Winns.  Portable generators will produce
CO.  These sets discharge their exhaust products in lo-
cations which can lead to an increase in the accumula-
tion of carbon monoxide in the accommodation space.
This equipment  is not recommended for  use on Four
Winns® boats.
Maintenance - Engine Performance
Figure B12:    The effect  of canvas  configurations.
Efficient engine performance is  vital to minimizing CO
production and decreasing hydrocarbon emissions that
pollute the air and water. The following items are those
considered to have the greatest effect on increased CO
K.   CabinAppliances
Boats having fuel burning appliances in accommodation
areas should be provided with adequate ventilation and
maintained to function properly.
Fuel Systems - Fuel that is contaminated, stale  or
incorrect octane number.
L.   Ventilation of Accommodation Spaces
Accommodation spaces need to be ventilated to intro-
duce fresh air into the spaces. Ventilation method; e.g.
windows, hatches, doors, and blowers; used to accom-
plish this may,  under certain conditions, bring hazard-
ous levels of CO into the accommodation spaces. Care
should be taken to be aware of all prevailing conditions
when using these ventilating methods.
Dirty or clogged flame arrester.
Malfunctioning automatic choke plate or faulty
adjustment of manual choke plate.
Worn float needle valve and seat.
High float level.
M.  Altitude and Sea Conditions
Changes in altitude greater than 5,000 feet contribute to
inefficient engine performance and may require adjust-
ments to the ignition systems, fuel systems, or changing
the propeller’s size.
Incorrect idle mixture adjustment.
Dirty or worn injectors.
Ignition System
Failure to make adjustments to ignition systems, fuel
systems, and propeller size may cause an increase
in CO production.
Fouled or worn spark plugs.
Worn points or incorrect gap on points.
Heavy sea conditions tend to load engines resulting
in reduced performance and thereby increasing their
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