2001 Four Winns Funship 214 234 264 Boat Owners Manual

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Before starting the boat, become familiar with all of the     You are responsible for the safety of your  passengers
various systems  and related  operations.   Be sure all      as well as for their behavior while aboard.  Make sure:
necessary safety  equipment is  on-board.   Know the
“Rules of the Road”. Have an experiencedoperator brief
you on the general operation of your new boat. Perform
a “Pre-Cruise Systems Check”.  This manual is a  part
of your boat’s equipment. Always keep it on board.
Each passenger is properly instructed in Personal
Flotation Device (PFD)  use and keeps one  within
reach in case of emergency. All non-swimmers and
children should wear a PFD  at all times when un-
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Passengers do  not sit on  gunwales, open decks,
elevated pedestal seats or on seat backs when the
boat is  underway.   This could  cause them  to be
thrown overboard during a sudden maneuver.
Before you can really enjoy your boat, a thorough under-
standing of its systems and their operation is essential.
This manual  and the associated  manufacturers infor-
mation are included in the owner’s packet.  This infor-
mation is provided to  enhance your knowledge of the
boat.  Read this information carefully.
At least one other person knows how to operate the
boat in case of an emergency.
After becoming familiar with  the boat and its systems,     A - 5
reread this manual.  Maintenance and service tips  are
included to help keep the boat in like-new condition.
As in driving an automobile, there  are a few rules that
must be known if safe boating operation is to be main-
tained.  The Coast  Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary, De-
partment of Natural Resources or  your local boat club
sponsor courses in boat handling, including “rules of the
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Besides   the  equipment   installed   on  the  boat  by     road”.  Such courses are strongly recommended. Books
Four Winns, certain other equipment is required for pas-   on this subject are also available from local libraries.
senger safety. Abrochure listing the Federal equipment
requirementsisincludedin  the owner’s packet or is avail-
able through your local U.S. Coast Guard Station. Re-    A - 6
member that these laws are for your protection and are
minimumrequirements.  Checkyourlocalandstateregu-        When boating, it is important to be aware of the weather
lations, also. More information on safety equipment is     around you.  When the weather changes for the worse,
provided in Section B.
DO NOT jeopardize your safety by trying to “ride out the
storm”.  If possible, return to safe harbor and dock your
Items like a sea anchor, working anchor, extra dock lines,  vessel immediately.
flare pistol, a line permanently secured to your ring buoy,
etc. could at some time save your passengers lives, or     If caught in a storm, seek shelter inside the  cabin and
save your boat from damage.
wait for  the storm  to pass.   With  open bow  models,
suntops and campers will provide some protection, but
The Coast Guard Auxiliary offers a “Courtesy Examina-   should not be relied on if you are able to return to shore.
tion.”  This inspection will confirm the boat is equipped     Exercise care when high winds are present!
with all of the necessary safety equipment.
Funship™ Owner’s Manual
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