2001 Four Winns Funship 214 234 264 Boat Owners Manual

H - 1
When disconnecting the cables from the battery,
make sure all switches are off and disconnect
the black negative cable first to prevent spark.
All electrical equipment on Four Winns® boats operate
on 12 volt DC electrical power.
Fire or Explosion Hazard!
Electrical system  parts are designed  by and
manufactured to comply  with the U.S.  Coast
Guard requirements  to minimize risks  of fire
or explosion.   Never substitute automotive
parts for marine parts.  Automotive parts do
not provide the necessary  ignition spark pro-
is running. Alternator damage could result.
Monitor the battery’s condition regularly with the voltme-
ter in the dash panel. For additional information, refer to
Section H-4 Electrical System Maintenance.
To prevent equipment or electrical wiring dam-
age, DO NOT tamper  with any electrical con-
nection, panel or harness,  or attempt installa-
tion of  any electrical  equipment unless  thor-
oughly familiar with the systems and are experi-
enced in making such installations.
For detailed information on the electrical system, electri-
cal schematics are located in the back of this manual.
Figure  H1:   Single  Engine-Single  Battery  Installation
A.   Single Battery System
B.   Dual Battery w/ Switch - Optional
Dual batteries with a selector switch is optional on cer-
tain Funship™ models. ThisallowsDCpowertobeused
from either one or both batteries. Refer to Figure H2.
A single battery is provided as standard equipment (12
volt DC) per Section H-1 above. The dash components
are protected by a fuse panel.  Refer to Figure H1 and to
the wiring schematics in the back of this manual.
When installing dual batteries, proceed as follows:
Connect each of the red battery cables leading from
the battery selector switch to the positive (+) termi-
nal on each of the two batteries.
When installing the battery, proceed as follows:
Connect the red (positive) cable running from the en-
gine starter solenoid to the positive (+) battery termi-
Connect the black (negative) battery cable running
from the engine block to the negative (-) battery ter-
Funship™ Owner’s  Manual
Section H
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