2001 Four Winns Funship 214 234 264 Boat Owners Manual

DO NOT rely on the winch cable (or line) alone
to hold the bow of the boat against the bow stop.
Four Winns® trailers are equipped with taillights, brake
lights, turning signals, and clearance lights. All lights are
sealed to prevent moisture from entering. However, the
taillight bulb  assembly may be replaced.   The bulb  is
assembled in a  sealed housing and can  be replaced.
Contact your Four Winns dealer for assistance.
Rear Tie-downs:  It is very important that the tran-
som is resting securely on the bunk supports at the
rear of the trailer.   Rear tie-downs are provided to
secure the boat to the trailer. Tighten the tie-downs
to prevent the boat from moving. See Figure S11.
Use a heavy duty turning signal flasher on tow-
ing vehicles.  Check with your local auto parts
store or ask your Four Winns dealer for assis-
Consult your dealer for state trailer regulations concern-
ing lighting and other optional equipment.
The boat should be secured to the trailer by tie-downs to
preventdamagetothehull.   Theboatmayshiftorbounce
against the bunks or hull supports if not secured. It may
also slide or fall off the trailer while being towed.
There are two types of tie-downs being used:
Bow Tie-downs: Abow stop to hold the front of your
boat in place is located on the winch stand. It should
be positioned  so that the winch  line pulls straight
and is parallel to the  trailer frame.  A separate tie-
down should then be attached to hold the boat. See
Figure S10.
Figure S11:  Rear Tie Down Straps
The tie-down is a mechanical ratchet device.  To allow
line out, follow the procedures below:
Place two fingers on spring-loaded release, and pull
release away from spindle/gear.
Open tie-down to a flat, 180° position.
Spring-loaded release should click into a notch
on the  painted handle.   Both spring  releases
should clear the inner gear.
Pull line out.  The inner  spindle/gear should move
To ratchet line or tighten down the strap on the boat:
Place two fingers on spring-loaded release, and pull
release away from spindle/gear.
Figure S10:  Bow Tie Down Strap
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