2001 Four Winns Funship 214 234 264 Boat Owners Manual

All boat manufacturers are required by The Federal Boat
D - 1
SafetyAct of 1971 to notify first time owners in the event
any defect is discovered “which  creates a substantial
risk of personal injury to the public.” In  order for us to
comply with this law if  it becomes necessary, it is es-
sential  that your  warranty registration  card  with the
owner’s name, address, and boat serial number be com-
pleted and  mailed to Four  Winns L.L.C., 925  Frisbie
Street, Cadillac, MI 49601.
provides the new Four Winns purchaser with one of the
most comprehensive  corporate  commitments  in the
marine industry today. The Four Winns Owner Protec-
tion Plan  defines the  warranty coverage  on all units
manufactured by Four Winns. It thoroughly describes
the warranty policies and  those procedures to be fol-
lowed to obtain  warranty coverage. Review  the Four
Winns Owner Protection Plan and limited warranty state-
ments carefully.
Other equipment manufacturers also require that their
products be registered with the respective companies.
Warranty registration cards are provided in the owner’s
information packet.
All engines  utilized in  the Four  Winns® product  are
warranted by the engine manufacturer.Your Four Winns
dealer is authorized to repair your engines and will work
lems you have.
Four Winns confidence in the product and our warranty
choose to move on to a new boat.  The remainder of the
Four Winns warranty coverage is transferable tothe sec-
ond owner of the boat for a fee. The warranty may be
transferred only once. Registration of the second owner
is required and the amount  of the transfer fee is  indi-
cated on the warranty statement of the Warranty Regis-
tration Card. Transfer of the remainder of the warranty
must occur within five (5) years of the original retail sale.
The transfer fee must be paid within fifteen (15) days of
purchase of the used  boat by check, money order  or
cashier’s check payable to Four Winns.  Proof of pur-
chase date is required.  We will notify the appropriate
enginemanufactureroftheenginewarrantytransfer.     The
Four Winns Owner Protection Plan thoroughly describes
the action required to transfer warranty coverage.
Each unit manufactured by Four Winns is encompassed
by a separate warranty providing specific coverage on
the deck/hull structure. The Four Winns Owner Protec-
tion Plan thoroughly describes this coverage.
A Four Winns Warranty Registration Card is attached
to the Four  Winns Owner Protection Plan  statement.
Your Four Winns dealer is responsible for  completing
and mailing the warranty card at the time of purchase.
The receipt of  the warranty card is the  sole basis for
establishing proof of ownership of the boat and corre-
sponding warranty validation.
By signing the warranty registration card you, the new
owner, indicate an understanding of the terms and con-
ditions of the Limited Warranty. The warranty registra-
tion card should be properly completed by the dealer,
signed by the new owner, and returned to us within fif-
teen (15) days  after the original purchase in  order to
validate the warranty. Be sure to keep the Owner’s Reg-
istration Card for your records.
Section D-4 Transfer of Warranty discusses the need to
properly register the purchase of a pre-owned boat with
Four Winns in order to transfer applicable warranty cov-
Purchasers of all Pre-Owned Four Winns® models, re-
gardless of the decision to transfer warranty coverage,
are encouraged to register ownership with Four Winns.
To register ownership of  a “Pre-Owned Four Winns®
Funship™ Owner’s  Manual
Section D
Product Specification
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