2001 Four Winns Funship 214 234 264 Boat Owners Manual

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Four Winns® boats are equipped with rotary or hydrau-
lic type steering systems.   Tilt and power steering are
features which are available on most models.
The tilt mechanism is spring loaded. Due to the
variation in steering wheel offerings, the wheel
may spring up rapidly when depressing the re-
lease lever.  ALWAYS  KEEP ONE HAND ON
A.   Rotary Steering
In the rotary system, a rotary drum assembly is mounted
under the dash  behind the steering  wheel with a  one
piece cable  running through the  boat into  the engine
compartment.  At  the transom, the  cable turns and is
connected to the engine. Additional information on steer-
ing operation can be found in Section A-9.
C.   Power Steering
Power steering is also available.  It is comprised of an
engine mounted  pump, hoses  and steering  cylinder.
Power steering works in conjunction with the helm and
steering cable to move the transom mount tiller arm and
vertical drive more smoothly.
B.   Tilt Steering
The Funship™ models are equipped with tilt steering.
To operate, depressthereleaselever  (adjusting tab) with
your thumb to tilt the steering wheel. Be sure to hold the
top of the wheel to assist in positioning. Release the le-
ver once the steering wheel is in the position desired.
See Figure G1. Refer to the steering manufacturer’s lit-
erature, included in the  owner’s packet, for additional
This is a “power assist” system and can greatly reduce
steering effort required.  It is not, however, a full power
steering system as is used in automobiles. Some steer-
ing tension remains in the system.
On models with power steering, restricting movement of
the steering cable will limit or stop the steering system’s
hydraulic assist.
DO NOT interfere with or restrict steering cable
movement through the last 90   of bend at the
engine.  DO NOT use cable retainers, clamps
or tie straps.   Using one  or all of these  could
restrict the cable  movement near the  engine.
DO NOT tie wiring harnesses  or other control
cablestothesteeringcable.   Makesurethedeck
coaming pads and bulkheads allow for steering
cable movement in all positions of trim.
If the power steering becomes inoperative, steering will
be harder and  more effort will be needed  to steer the
boat.  Check  for a broken  or loose belt on  the power
steering pump. Also, low fluid levels in the power steer-
ing pump  reservoir will cause  hard steering.   If these
items are not the source of the problem, check for equip-
ment or other items lying on or up against the steering
cable at the back of the boat.  The  cable must be free
and clear to slide back and forth. Any item blocking free
movement of the cable will result in harder steering and
possible damage to the steering cable.
Figure G1:  Tilt Steering Option
Thetilt mechanismshouldnotbeadjustedwhen
the boat  is moving.   Sudden boat movement
may cause loss of balance resulting in  loss of
control and/or injury.
Funship™ Owner’s  Manual
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