2001 Four Winns Funship 214 234 264 Boat Owners Manual

Release the lock pin and make sure the pin fully en-   and CouplingAssembly.
gages the attached tongue bracket.
E.   Surge Disc Brakes
Surge disc brakes are available on model trailers manu-
Be sure dirt,  sand, ice, etc., does not  obstruct
the proper seating of the lock pin.
facturedbyFourWinns.   Surge disc brakesoperateauto-
matically when  the tow  vehicle’s brakes  are applied.
When the tow vehicle slows down or stops, the forward
momentum or “surge” of the trailer against the hitch ball
applies pressure to a master cylinder in the trailer cou-
pler.  The master cylinder supplies hydraulic pressure
through the hydraulic system which activatesthetrailer’s
disc brakes.  See Figures S5 and S6.  Please refer to
the manufacturer’s literature included in your owner’s
packet for further details regarding operation and main-
When raising or lowering the jack, prevent the caster
from rotating while cranking.  Make sure the jack is
planted on a firm and level surface before unhitching
the trailer.
To prevent personal injury or damage to the boat
and trailer, observe the following:
The benefits  of  disc brakes  in  comparison to  drum
NEVER pull on the lock pin when any trailer
weight is on the trailer jack.
Fewer moving parts.
Longer life due to fewer moving parts.
Friction pads are easily accessible.
Easy access to caliper for cleaning and mainte-
DO NOT move the trailer  when resting on
the swivel jack. Use towing vehicle to move
the boat and trailer.
Calipers are self-adjusting allowing smoother
braking operation.
Braking performance less likely to be
affected by dirt, water, or rust contamination.
Fade resistant.
Keep body and feet  clear of trailer tongue
when raising or lowering jack.
Always remember to swivel jack to  the horizontal posi-
tion before towing the trailer. Damage to the caster and
jack may result.
The swivel jack provided on the Four Winns® trailer can
be removed from the trailer to allow for maintenance or
repairs.   Follow the  manufacturer’s recommendations
provided in the owner’s packet.
D.   CouplingAssembly
To unlock the coupler, pull the locking trigger upward with
your index finger and lift the locking lever.  To lock, push
the locking lever down. See Figure S4.
Figure S5:  Brake Actuator & Coupling Assembly and  Disc
Figure S4:  Coupling Assembly
Funship™ Owner’s Manual
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