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D.   Stain Removal Procedure
Should upholstery become severely  soiled, torn, or in     Regularmaintenancesuchasvacuuming,hosingorwash-
some manner damaged, replacement upholstery cush-    ing should be performed.  Most stains  and mildew are
ions are available. Larger upholstery items have sepa-    easilyremovedfromcarpetmadewithOlefin™fiberusing
rate component parts for easier serviceability.
common household cleaners.  Refer to Table I. Olefin™
Depending upon the year and model of the boat, most     may be used to clean up any mildew that may result from
upholsterypartscanbeobtainedthroughyourFourWinns         excessive wetness.
servicing dealer within a short period of time.
Code for stain removal procedure (See Table 1):
“A”  Apply hot water and detergent.
A.   Interior and Exterior Carpet
“B”  Apply volatile dry solvent, work  with bone spatula,
The Funship™ models use a high quality exterior grade
carpetingwith rubber-type backing in the cockpit. Vacu-    “C”  Flush by hot water extraction.
for extended life and appearance. The snap-in carpet is   Recommended reagents:
UV stabilized Olefin™ Polypropylene fiber.
Carpet detergent such as Mintex™ (Hydromaster®)
or any carpet detergent suitable for hot water extrac-
DO NOT dry carpeting in an automatic dryer.
The snap-in carpet may be periodically washed with mild
laundry soaps or shampooed, dried and reinstalled. Ad-
ditional information is listed below.
or Picrin™ (Street®).
Oily type paint remover such as nail polish remover,
Energene™ or Pyrotex™ (Street®).
B.   Cleaning and  Maintenance
The following information should be useful in helping you
keep your carpet looking well maintained.
Neutral lubricant such as Streetex Spray Spotter™
(Street®) or alternate treatment with detergent and
Carpet made with Olefin™ fiber possesses built-in stain
andsoilreleaseforeasy,lesscostlymaintenance.     Regu-
lar vacuuming and occasional shampooing help it stay
attractive and serviceable.
C.   Stain Removal Testing
fin™ fiber following the procedures outlined.  A total of
thirty-four stains were selected as being representative
of spills commonly occurring on  carpets.  Stains were
pressed into the carpet to simulate foot pressure follow-
ing a spill.   Stains were  applied to a  two-inch square
sectionandallowedtopenetrate.   Removalwasperformed
after two weeks. Carpets were tested for stain removal
by an independent laboratory. Stain removal was effec-
tive for all 34 stains. Results are shown in the table.
Funship™ Owner’s  Manual
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