2001 Four Winns Funship 214 234 264 Boat Owners Manual

To disinfect the water system, use one gallon of wa-
ter and 1/4 cup of Clorox or Purex household bleach
sodium hypochlorite solution).  This is recom-
mended for each 15 gallons of tank capacity.
Allow to stand for three (3) hours. If time is a factor,
greater concentrations  of chlorine solution  will be
needed to disinfect the water system.
Drain the system.
Flush the system thoroughly with fresh water.
Fill the system with fresh water.
Figure J2:  234 Funship™ Integrated Sink, Cooler & Trash
To remove excessive chlorine taste or odor which might
remain in the  system, prepare a solution of  one quart
vinegar to five gallons  water and allow this solution to
agitate in the tank for several days during boating. Then
drain tank and refill with fresh water.
If the line is routed improperly, kinked or is dislo-
cated, the water pump may  not operate prop-
erly.   Inspect and correct  the hose  routing (if
necessary). If a problem still exists, contact your
Four Winns dealer for assistance.
The cockpit sinks are equipped with traps, and the wa-
ter will drain slowly. If the system is not operating prop-
erly, have  it checked  by your  authorized Four Winns
DO NOT operate the pump with an empty tank.
Damage to the water pump may result. Be sure
the pump switch is off when not in use
J - 3
B.   Refreshment Center - 264 Funship™
A.   Integrated Sinks - 214 & 234 Funships™
The 264 Funship™ comes  equipped with an refresh-
ment center located on the starboard side, behind the
helm seat.  The refreshment center includes a built-in
ice chest, Corian®  countertop, trash receptacle, sink
with pressurized water, and underneath slider storage
for the 36 quart removable Igloo® cooler.   The switch
to operate the faucet islocatedinside the enclosed head
and marked “FRESH WATER”. The same fresh water
pump is utilized by both the sink and forward/transom
washdowns.  See Figure J3.
The 214 Funship™  has an integrated sink  and trash
receptacle located in the bow area. The 234 Funship™
also has an integrated sink, trash receptacle and cooler
located in the  bow area. See  Figures J1and J2. The
excess water from the sink will  drain overboard.   The
water pump and water tank  for the sink are located in
the bilge  compartment and will  draw water when  the
switch is operated. See Figure J5. The switch to oper-
ate the water pump is located inside the enclosed head
and is  marked “FRESH WATER”.   After the tank has
been filled, operate the pump switch until water comes
out of the faucet. After all the air has been purged from
the system and a steady  flow of water is coming from
the faucet, turn off the pump switch.
Figure J3:  264 Funship™ Refreshment Center
Figure J1:   214 Funship™ Sink & Faucet
Funship™ Owner’s Manual
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