2001 Four Winns Funship 214 234 264 Boat Owners Manual

Allow only a qualified marine electrician to service
the boats electrical system.
and drive pump belt. If the steering is not operating prop-
erly, do not operate the boat and call for assistance.
G.   Medical Emergency
K.   Additional Underway Information
Accidents while boating can and may happen. Be pre-
pared to handle these emergencies when they happen.
Keeping a first aid kit  and dry blankets on board can
assist during these situations. It is also a good idea to
contact your local Red Cross for information and train-
ing on first aid and CPR.
Always be aware of local laws on noise limits. Noise
means engine noise, radio noise or even yelling by
people on your boat. Good seamanship demands
that you operate your boat quietly so as not to in-
fringe on the rights of others. Don't use thru-tran-
som exhaust unless you are well off shore.
H.   Propulsion Failure
by your boat's wake. Observe no wake speed zone
warnings. Operate  your boat with  regard for the
safety of other  boats and people in your  boating
Before you call for help regarding an engine or drive unit
failure, it is a good  idea to eliminate the possibility of
simple problems. Turn off the engine and check to see
that (1) there is fuel in the tank; (2) the engine cooling
intakes on the outdrive are not clogged; (3) props are
clean and free of weeds, netting, etc.; (4) no hoses are
leaking; (5) there is oil in the engine.
Keep your engine well tuned to decrease exhaust
hydrocarbon emissions that pollute the air and wa-
Once you have checked out the possibilities listed above
and find they are not the problem, call for help giving
your position and a detailed description of your boat.
A.   Docking
I.    Control Failure
Always approach the dock slowly. Think before acting.
If you are wondering whether your boat will fit in a space
against a dock, remember that pilings are often (but not
always) spaced 10 feet apart.
In the unlikely event of a shift/throttle failure, shut down
the engine  immediately. Carefully  check the  control
connections in the engine compartment to see if they
are secure. If not, try to locate the attaching hardware
and reassemble. If that is not possible, try to use what-
ever is available such as paper clips, hair clips, tape,
etc., to secure the connections. If a temporary repair is
made, return to port at the slowest steerable speed and
be prepared to take emergency action should the tem-
porary repair fail also. Have your dealer make repairs
before using the boat again.
Remember that it is easier to control a boat in reverse
because a boat steers from the stern.  When backing
into a  slip, back so  that bow swings  into the  wind if
possible. You will have more control.
If possible, come in against the wind or current, which-
ever is stronger.Approach the dock at a 30-45° angle.
J.   Steering  Failure
As the boat nears the dock, slowly swing parallel to it.
Tie the bow line first; then the stern.
If a problem  with the steering occurs, shut  down the
engine immediately. Check the connections to the drive
unit in the  engine compartment. Some boats have  a
push/pull cable while others  will have hydraulic hose
connections. With cable connections, check the attach-
ing hardware and  tighten it if necessary.  If you have
hydraulic hose connections,  check to see if they  are
leaking. If so, tighten  the connections and check the
assisted and have their own hydraulic reservoir and en-
gine mounted drive pump; check the level of reservoir
If wind or current is moving toward the dock, move par-
allel to the dock further out. Let the wind or current push
you in. Tie the stern first, then the bow.
Use extreme caution if wind or current is from your stern.
Back in towards the dock slowly at a slight angle with
engine in slow reverse. Gently swing parallel. Tie stern
first, then the bow.
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