2001 Four Winns Funship 214 234 264 Boat Owners Manual

It is very important to keep track of hours and fuel con-
sumption to obtain an average gallon per hour consump-
tion figure.  Refer to the fuel log located at the back of
this manual.  This  will prevent any problems with run-
ning out of fuel on the water.
Avoid serious injury  or death from  fire or ex-
plosion resulting from leaking fuel. Inspect sys-
tems for leaks at least once a year.
Dealers are equipped with some general figures on con-
sumption which can  be used as  a guide until specific
informationonyourboatisdetermined.    Becauseofboat-
ing conditions, speed, weight and other factors common
to your situation, fuel consumption will vary between your
boat  and  consumption  figures  developed   by Four
To help guard against damage, avoid the stor-
age or handling of gear near the fuel lines, fit-
tings and tanks.
The warning label below is placed in areas that are large
enough to accommodate a six gallon portable fuel tank.
When the fuel gauge begins to register below the “full”
mark, the gauge readings will drop  much faster until it
reads” empty”.   When this occurs,  the trim angle  has
affected the sender reading. When the gauge registers
“empty”, the sender has bottomed out and there may be
No ventilation is provided.  Fuel vapors  are a
fire and explosion hazard.   To avoid injury or
death do not store  fuel or flammable liquids
to 4 gallons of fuel in the tank. See Figure I5.
I - 2
Be cautious when using gasoline that contains alcohol.
Refer to the  section on gasoline requirements in  your
engine manual for additional information.
Figure I5:  Trim Angle Effect with Low Fuel
Fuel Filters
To conform to FederalAir Quality Standards, the
petroleum industry reduced the amount of tetra-
ethyl lead in gasoline. Alcohol is being blended
with gasoline to help restore the octane rating
lost when the lead was removed. While blend-
ing alcohol with gasoline increases the octane
level of the fuel, it can also create certain safety
and performance related problems for boaters.
Fuel filters are installed on each engine. Filters should
be cleaned or changed frequently to assure an adequate
supply of fuel to the engine. Refer to the engine manual
foradditionalinformation.  The engine manual is included
in the owner’s information packet.
Canister-type filters should be changed annu-
A.   Problems With Alcohol In Gasoline
Below is a list of problems which  may be experienced
when using blended gasoline.
G.   Use and Maintenance
Premature deterioration of fuel system components
may occur.   Alcohol will attack rubber  fuel hoses,
fuel tanks, fuel filters, fuel pumps  and rubber gas-
kets. This deterioration will lead to fuel system leak-
DO NOT let the odor of gasoline go unchecked.
If the odor of gasoline is noted, DO NOTSTART
ENGINE.  If engine is running, SHUT OFF EN-
EQUIPMENT. Investigate and correct the situa-
tion immediately!  Have all passengers put on
personal flotation devices and  keep fire extin-
guishers at hand until the situation is resolved.
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