2001 Four Winns Funship 214 234 264 Boat Owners Manual

with the owner’s packet for information regarding op-
eration and maintenance.
“ON/OFF MODE” keypad until the  depth reading ap-
General Description:
3. Keel offset: Pressing the “ON/OFF MODE” keypad
again displays the “KL” keel offset setting. This can be
set so that the depth sounder either shows the depth
below the keel or the depth below the transducer. Press
the up or down arrow keypad to adjust the reading to
the desired depth no more than 19.9 ft. For example if
the bottom of the keel is 2 ft. below the transducer and
you want the depth sounder to read the depth below the
keel, the display should be adjusted to read 2.0 FT.
The depth finder will  read to 199 ft. or  the corre-
sponding number of meters or fathoms. If the reading
is less than 19.9 ft., meters or fathoms, 1/10th incre-
ments will be displayed. If  the reading is more then
ft., all readings will be in whole numbers.
The depth finder has an audible and LCD display
depth alarm with adjustable shallow and deep limits
and a depth below keel offset feature. These settings
once made are stored in memory and will remain even
if the battery is disconnected.
NOTE: Once a keel offset is programmed, the shallow
and deep alarms will be activated by the depth below
the keel.
4. Units. Pressing the “ON/OFF MODE” key pad again
displays “Un” on  the LCD indicating the  units mode.
Press either the up or down arrow keypads to set the
units desired to feet (FT), meters (M), or fathoms (F).
These units once set, will remain the same for all modes.
Pressing the “ON/OFF MODE” keypad again  returns
the depth sounder to normal operation.
Power on. The depth sounder will activate automati-
cally when the power to it is initially turned on. You do
not have to press the combination “ON/OFF MODE”
keypad.  The LCD will illuminate showing  the depth
and will also show the type of units selected, feet (FT),
meters (M), or fathoms (F). To turn the depth sounder
off, press and hold the “ON/OFF MODE” keypad for 4
seconds. Press the “ON/OFF MODE” keypad again
will reactivate the unit.
Ignition Switch
The ignition switch for the Funship™ models have four
positions:OFF,RUN,ACCESSORIES,  andSTART.  The
START position is spring loaded and the key should be
held in this position until the engine starts.  The key will
return to the RUN position once released. Always turn
the key to the OFF position when the engine is not run-
ning. This will prevent discharging of the battery(s). The
ACCESSORIES position allows the operator to run the
stereo  without activating  the  other  ship’s  systems.
ered in SectionAOperation, of this manual.
NOTE: The instrument is designed to have the internal
LED lighting remain on as long as power is supplied
even if the unit is turned “off” at the keypad.
Depth alarm. Shallow mode: Pressing the “ON/OFF
MODE” keypad again displays the “SH” shallow depth
alarm setting.  This is the shallowest  water that will
activate the  alarm. Press and hold  the up or  down
arrow keypads to  adjust the reading  to the desired
J.   Emergency Stop Switch
Deep mode: Pressing the “ON/OFF MODE” keypad
again displays the “DP” deep depth alarm setting. This
is the deepest water that will activate the alarm. Press
and hold the up or down arrow keypads to adjust the
reading to the desired depth. When the shallow depth
setting is read by the depth sounder, the “SH” will flash
on the LCD and the audible alarm will sound rapidly.
When the  deep depth setting  is read  by the depth
sounder, the “DP” will flash on the LCD  and the au-
dible alarm will sound at 2 beeps per second.
This safety device automatically stops the engine if the
lanyard is attached  to the operator and  the operator
falls from his work station. Refer to the engine manual
for detailed information about using this switch.
The emergency stop switch (Figure E6) incorporates a
shutoff switch, switch  clip, lanyard, and  lanyard clip.
The  lanyard clip  must  be securely  attached  to the
operator’s PFD, clothing, arm,  or leg.  Be sure to  at-
tach the lanyard to a place where it is free of obstruc-
tions and to something that will move with the operator
if he or she leaves the helm station. If the engine shuts
down because this switch was activated, the clip may
NOTE: To fully deactivate an alarm, reset it to  zero.
Pressing the “ON/OFF MODE” keypad temporarily de-
activates the alarm. To reactivate the alarm press the
Funship™ Owner’s  Manual
Section E
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