2001 Four Winns Funship 214 234 264 Boat Owners Manual

.   Use extreme caution while operating the engine in
confined areas such as enclosed slips or congest-
ed piers.  Operation under such conditions could
easily lead to exhaust gasses (carbon monoxide)
windows, doors and portholes closed.
B.   Pitch
Pitch is a measure of helix angle, or angle of attack, of
the rotating blade. Pitch is easily understood if one imag-
ines the propeller rotating through a semisolid such as
butter or jello. The distance the propeller will travel in one
revolutioniscalled“Pitch.”   Increasingordecreasingpitch
will also have a direct bearing on engine rpm’s because
of the greater bite taken by the blade with each rotation.
See Figure E1.
.   Persons sleeping can be easily overcome by car-
ence.  Sleeping while the engine is running is not
recommended. Ifpersonsaresleepingaboardwhile
underway, those awake should monitor for carbon
sleeping areas.
NEVER operate the propulsion engine while
everyone on-board is sleeping. Fatal carbon
monoxide poisoning can occur.
For additional information, refer to Section B-2 Carbon
E - 3
Consult the Engine  Owners Manual included  in the
E - 4
better understanding of the terminology used to refer to
the aspects of propeller size and performance.
Never run with a damaged propeller. You can
damagetheengineordriveunit.    Keepaspare
propeller on board.
Figure  E1:   Propeller  Pitch  & Diameter
C.   Prop Slip
A.   Diameter
When traveling through water a propeller is unable to get
a complete bite because of the fluidity of water.  “Prop
Slip” is usually expressed as a percent of the computed
theoretical speed. Fifteen to twenty-five percent prop slip
is common for  a sport-type boat operating  at cruising
Diameter is twice the distance from the center of the
prop shaft to the extreme tip of a propeller blade. In-
creasing or decreasing propeller size will have a direct
bearingontherpm’s  (revolutionsperminute)  anengine
will develop. This is due to the greater amount of pro-
peller blade surface in contact with the water. See Fig-
ure E1.
Funship™ Owner’s  Manual
Section E
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