2002 Four Winns Funship 214 234 254 Boat Owners Manual

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When cleaning nonskid areas, DO NOT attempt to use
a wire brush or sandpaper because this will remove the
Fiberglass is affected by weathering processes and re-    nonskid gel.
quires maintenance on a periodic basis to help maintain
the beauty and shine. The effects upon the gel coat will   Applywaxonceamonthtomaintaingelcoatlustre.       Read
be dependent upon boating conditions, storage, type of    the label before using any product. Make sure product
use, and the care given to the boat  during the boating     is applicable to fiberglass. Refer to the brochure on gel
coat care in your owner’s packet.  Also, consult a Four
Winns® dealer for his recommendations.
Four Winns® utilizes fade-fightingArmorcoat   gel coat
in the exterior finish.  It is specially formulated to resist
fading and yellowing, and retain more of its original gloss
than better grade gel coats. However, it is still important
to maintain the gel coat to protect the finish.
Do not use carnuba based  waxes.  This type
of wax yellows over time and makes the fiber-
glass appear yellow.
A.   General Maintenance
Waxing decks, cockpit floors or other areas on
which one walks is not recommended. Waxing
will produce a very slippery surface, especially
when wet.  Wax  may also buildup in the non-
skid surfaces.  Be sure all persons  wear deck
shoes while aboard  the boat.  Footing  will be
improved and feet will be protected from acci-
dental cuts and bruises.
For fresh water use, the boat should be washed once or
twice a month. When using in a salt water environment,
considerable more care will  be necessary.  Be careful
when selecting  a cleaning agent.   Hand  dishwashing
detergents are usually gentle and are recommended for
cleaning gel coat.  Cleaning products such  as Ivory or
Dawn hand dishwashing liquid can be safely used. Al-
ways read the label before using any product.
A darkening or discoloration of the nonskid surfaces can
sometimes occur as a result of wax buildup. Exposure
to the sun and elements can turn the wax darker, or oc-
casionally can cause it to become flaky or powdery. To
remove, use  fine rubbing compound  and a  low RPM
buffer (1200 to  2000 RPM).  Apply light  pressure and
keep the buffer moving at all times to prevent heat build
up.  Read the directions before using any equipment.
DO NOT use acetone, paint thinner,  solvents,
or strong alkaline based  detergents, nor clea-
ners with a “gritty” and abrasive texture. Avoid
products  which  contain sodium  phosphate.
Common examples of these types of household
cleaning agents are:  Tide™, Oxydol™, Janit-
or-in-a-Drum™, Fantastik™, Clorox™, etc. Al-
ways read the label before using an agent.
B.   Weathering Effects on Gel Coat
Weathering occurs from  direct sunlight, water, chemi-
cals, and dust.  Some of the terms below describe the
changes that can occur to the gel coat surface.
There are several products available which are specifi-
cally designed to clean fiberglass exterior finishes. Many
companies like Johnson & Johnson®, Turtle Wax®, etc.
manufacture cleaning fluids mild enough to clean with-
out stripping the wax.
Chalking is a result of the gel  coat’s top surface being
broken down into an extremely fine powder. When this
happens, the color whitens. The chalk is present on the
surface only.
Treading on a soiled fiberglass surface can se-
verely scratch and mar the finish.  Keep the fi-
berglass as clean as possible.
Fading is  the uniform change in  color.  This  happens
when the  actual pigments have changed  color, espe-
cially from excessive chalking, or when the gel coat has
either been stained or bleached by something.
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