2002 Four Winns Funship 214 234 254 Boat Owners Manual

The clock keeps time up to 21 days after the ignition is   ing the SET button sets the alarms towards shallower
turned off.  During this time the system is in its power      water.  Holding the SET button  longer than 1 second
saving state.  After 21 days the module shuts down to     speeds up  the process  of making  the alarm  setting
conserve battery power. When the ignition is turned on    deeper or shallower.
after 21 days, the clock restarts at midnight in the mode
active at ignition off. The time of day must be set again.   Pressing the MODE button again allows the depth mea-
surement units to be changed. While in “Units Mode”,
the  shallow alarm  setting  blinks and  the “FEET”  or
“METERS” telltale flashes.   Pressing the SET  button
changes between feet and meters. Pressing the MODE
button again  allows the depth  sounder system to  be
enabled or disabled. In this mode, a blinking message
“ON”  or “OFF”  appears.    Pressing  the SET  button
changes between Sounder  ON and Sounder  Off.  In
The clock has a three  week auto shut-off ca-
pability.  This will reduce the drain of your bat-
.  Depthsounder & Alarm
The depthsounder is standard  equipment on 235/254     the “OFF”  mode the sounder no  longer sends out its
Candia FS.     Readings  can be  displayed in  feet  or     periodic sonar ping. The “OFF’ mode should be en-
meters.  The  depthsounder has both  an audible and     abled when using Fish Finders or other equipment
visual alarm.
that has the same 200kHz frequency to avoid “Cross
The transducer is factory installed and is water tested. It
will be located in the bilge compartment to limit the effect  Pressing the MODE  button again causes a  return to
of water turbulence while underway.
normal “Depth Mode”. In any case, thirty seconds after
the last button press, the display automatically returns
to depth mode.  In Depth Display  mode, pressing the
SET button displays  the shallow water alarm setting.
The alarm setting blinks for ten seconds.  When shal-
low water is encountered the up/down arrows blink and
the audible alarm beeps.
DO NOT depend solely upon the depthsounder
for  water   depth.    It  is  important   to  have
navigational charts of the waters in which  you
are operating.
Pressing the SET button turns the beeper off, but only
for the present low water event. Entering deeper water
re-enables the beeper for the next encounter with shal-
low water. See the VDO “Quick Start” card at the end
of this section for additional directions.
Do  not rely  on depthsounder  to  avoid  sub-
merged objects. Depthsounders provide a rela-
tive indication of water depth only.
A shallow water depth alarm feature  can be set in in-
crements of 1’ (0.3m). The operator sets the value by
pressing and holding dashboard mounted MODE and
SET buttons  for 2  seconds.  Entering  shallow water
causes a continuous  chirping sound and blinking up/
down arrow segments.
Odometer (Log) and Trip Odometer (Trip Log)
The Log calculates total mileage based on input from
the paddle wheel.  This  value is unable to be reset
except at the  factory and is  stored in nonvolatile
The shallow water alarm setting is displayed as blink-
ing digits.  Current depth  is displayed as steady  (not
blinking) digits. If the alarm screen is blank no shal-
low water  alarm is set.   If the  depth screen  shows
dashes the depth is zero or indicates a bad sensor read-
The Trip Log is  a resetable distance that will display
distance accumulated since the last reset. The opera-
tor presses both MODE and SET while in the Trip Log
mode to reset to “Zero”.
The Log and Trip Log functions will display Statute Miles
when the Depth  function displays “Feet”.  Kilometers
will be displayed when the Depth displays “Meters”. See
VDO “Quick Start” card at the end of this section for
additional directions.
Press the MODE button initiates “Set Mode”. The shal-
low water setting blinks along with the down arrows on
the display.   Pressing the SET button  sets the alarm
towards deeper water. Pressing the MODE button again
indicates the up arrows. With the up arrows on, press
Candia FS Owner’s Manual
Section E
Page 11
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