2002 Four Winns Funship 214 234 254 Boat Owners Manual

Do not use ski tow fitting for lifting or parasail-
ing.  Fitting could pull  out of deck resulting in
serious injury or death.
A.   Rails
Grab handles have been installed to provide security for
passengers in the  cockpit.  Limiting passenger move-
ment while  underway is recommended.   All those  on
board should be safely seated whenever possible. Ad-
ditional care must be taken when in rough seas or foul
DO NOT tow more than two water  skiers with
the transom mounted ski tow ring.
Therailsystemandhardwarefittings    havebeenselected
and installed to perform specific functions.  Fenders or
mooring lines should not be secured to the rails or stan-
chions. Be certain that a clear lead exists when running
docklinesorananchorline.    Alineinadvertentlythreaded
around a stanchion or over the rail could cause damage.
Skier’s weight,  boating conditions, amount  of
gear, and operator’s experience will  affect the
number of skiers which can be pulled.
E.   Anchor/Ladder Locker
B.   Cleats
The Candia FS  models have a built-in  anchor/ladder
locker.  It is located at the bow of the boat.  Simply lift
the anchor/ladder lid to gain access to the anchor locker.
The compartment should be inspected after each use,
and kept clean of dirt and debris to prevent plugging of
the drain hole. For information on anchors, refer to Sec-
tion M-5.
The cleats that have been installed are specifically de-
signed and are intended to be used as mooring cleats.
Their purpose is for securing the vessel to a dock, pier,
mooring, or anchor.
Four Winns® Boats are not equipped with any
hardware designed  for towing purposes.  The
mooring cleats that are installed on the boat are
not to be used for towing another vessel or hav-
ing the boat towed.  Refer to Section A Opera-
tion for additional precautions regarding ground-
ing and towing.
The majority of the hardware installed is made of stain-
less steel.   Regardless of the type  of hardware used,
periodic maintenance is necessary.
The manufacturer of our hardware recommends the fol-
lowing when washing your boat:
C.   Transom Ski Tow Ring
Rinse the hardware with fresh water after each ex-
posure to saltwater.
The transom  ski tow ring  is mounted on  the transom
above the integrated platform. It is available on all mod-
els except outboards.  All these models should pull up
two skiers under normal boating conditions.  However,
Four Winns® recommends no more than two skiers be
pulled behind the boat at any time.
water, and a sponge. Then dry it with a soft cloth.
Avoid cleaners, abrasives, waxes, and most of all,
do not use steel wool.
D.   Ski Pylon - 214 CFS Outboard Model
The ski  pylon is optional  for the 214  Candia FS  out-
board model. The ski pylon is mounted at the transom.
The pylon can be easily removed for storage.
Candia FS Owner’s Manual
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