2002 Four Winns Funship 214 234 254 Boat Owners Manual

For depth measurements from the waterline, accurately
measure the vertical distance from the face of the trans-
ducer and  the waterline of  the boat.   This measure-
ment will then be entered into the Keel Offset function
as a positive (+) number. See Figure E17.
Figure  E14:   Units  Control  Function
Press SET until the units function is activated on-screen.
This is indicated by the blinking UNITS icon. Pressing
either arrow will allow you to  select from the choices.
Continue to press an arrow until the desired readout is
selected: FT for feet, M for meters,  FA for fathoms.
Figure E17:  Positive Keel Offset
To Enable Keel Offset press  SET until the KO icon is
After your selection is made, the unit will return to nor-    displayed on the screen. The default setting of the unit
mal operation after 5 seconds. The selected units icon    is off which is displayed as zero. From the default set-
should now be visible as shown in Figure E15.
ting of 0.0, use the DOWN arrow to enter the negative
number to set the unit for depth from the keel.  Or,
from the  default setting  of 0.0,  use the UP  arrow to
enter the positive (+) number to set  the unit for depth
from the waterline.
Figure E15:  Selected Units Icon
The available settings are +10  to -10 feet.  After your
selection is made, the unit will return to normal opera-
tion after  5 seconds.   The “KO”  icon should now  be
visible as shown in Figure E18.
Keel Offset
The Keel Offset function adjusts the digital depth read-
out to display depth reading  from either the waterline
or the keel (lowest  point) of the boat, instead  of from
the location of the  transducer which is usually some-
where in  between. This permits  optimum transducer
location and depth readouts suited to your needs.
Figure E18:  Keel Offset Icon
Figure E19 depicts a scenario  where the KEEL OFF-
SET has been set to -2 feet.  The last drawing shows
the return to normal operation with the updated depth
To determine the value to enter into the KEEL OFFSET
setting, first decide  whether depth from the waterline
or depth from the keel is desired. Measurements will
need to be made for the location desired.
For depth from  the keel of the boat,  accurately mea-
sure the vertical distance between the face of the trans-
ducer and the keel of the boat. This measurement will
then be entered into the Keel Offset function as a nega-
tive (-) number.  See Figure E16.
Figure E16:  Negative Keel Offset
Figure E19:  Keel Offset Scenario
Candia FS Owner’s Manual
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