2002 Four Winns Funship 214 234 254 Boat Owners Manual

Keep emergency stop switch lanyard free from
obstructions that could interfere with its opera-
tion. Do not modify or remove emergency stop
switch or bypass its safety features. The proper
use of the emergency stop switch will prevent
a runaway boat situation which can cause se-
vere personal injury or death.
In case of fire do not open the engine compart-
ment. Shut down engine(s), generator(s), and
blower(s).  Discharge entire contents  of fixed
fire suppression system, if equipped.  If using
portable CO2 fire extinguisher continuously dis-
charge entire contents. On European models,
discharge contents through fire port.
Using a portable fire extinguisher  with an ac-
cess/fire port in the engine compartment is pre-
ferred to opening the  engine compartment to
fight the fire. However, using a portable extin-
guisher in  this  way provides  less protection
against fire than a fixed suppression system.
Do not test fire extinguishers by squirting small
amounts of the extinguishing compound. The
fire extinguisher might not work when you re-
ally need it.
The Candia Funship models are considered to be Class
Figure B6:  Emergency Stop Switch
powerboats (16 to less than 26 feet). Since they have
permanently installed fuel tanks,  they are required to
carry one (1) B-1 type hand portable fire extinguisher.
If the boat  is equipped with  a fixed fire extinguishing
system in the  engine compartment, one (1)  B-1 type
hand portable fire extinguisher is still required.
Fire Extinguisher
As the owner/operator of the boat, you are responsible
for supplying a fire extinguisher approved by the U.S.
Coast Guard.
G.   Visual Distress Signal Devices
As the owner/operator of the boat, you are re-
sponsible for assuring that all required safety
equipment is  aboard and  meets the  boating
regulations as prescribed by both federal and
local authorities in your area.
Visual distress  signal devices  approved by  the U.S.
Coast Guard are required on all recreational boats op-
erating on  coastal waters and to  boats owned in  the
United States when they are operating on the high seas.
Coastal waters include  territorial seas and those wa-
ters directly connected to the Great Lakes and the ter-
ritorial seas  up to a  point where the  waters are  less
than two  miles (3.2km)  wide.   Visual distress  signal
equipment may be of the pyrotechnic or non-pyrotech-
nic type. Regulations prohibit display of visual distress
signals on the water under any circumstances except
when assistance is  required to prevent immediate  or
potential danger to persons on board a vessel.
Hand-held portable extinguisher(s) should be mounted
in a readily  accessible location(s) away  from the en-
gine compartment.   All persons aboard  should know
the  location(s)    and  proper   operation   of  the  fire
Candia FS Owner’s Manual
Section B
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