2002 Four Winns Funship 214 234 254 Boat Owners Manual

are primary considerations affectingengineop-      B.   Safe Operation
erating temperature. Generally, an engine pro-
duces less CO if it operates at a relatively high    Safe operation means that you do not misuse your boat
temperature within  manufacturer’s specifica-      nor do you allow your passengers to do so.  Safe op-
eration means using  good judgement at  all times.  It
includes, without limitation, the following actions:
Exhaust Back-Pressure - Certain alterations to
the exhaust system  may increase engine  ex-
haust back pressure and CO production.
• Observe all safety signs and warnings both
inside the boat and in the immediate boating
Restricted engine room or compartment venti-
•  Become familiar with, and adhere to, the
“Rules of the Road”.
Maintenance - External Conditions
Maintain boat speed at or below the legal
limits.  Avoid excessive speed or speeds
not  appropriate  for  operating  conditions.
External conditions that contribute to inefficient engine
performance are:
Fouled hull bottom.
•  Be sure at least one other passenger is
familiar with the operation and the safety
aspects of the boat in case of an emergency.
Damaged and fouled  running gear (propeller  and
trim tabs).
Load the boat within the limits listed on the
capacity plate. Balance loads bow and stern
and port to starboard.
Incorrect selection of propeller size.
•  Do not use the boat in bad weather or sea
conditions beyond the skill or experience of
the operator or the comfortable capability of
the boat or passengers.
YOU are responsible for your own safety, the
safety of  your passengers, and the  safety of
fellow boaters.
•  Make sure the passengers and gear do not
obstruct the operator’s view or impede his
ability to move.
A.   Drugs and Alcohol
Do not exceed the maximum engine power
rating stated on the certification plate located
inside the boat.
Alcohol consumption  and boating do  not
mix! Operating under the influence endan-
gers the lives of your passengers and other
boaters.  Federal laws prohibit operating a
boat  under  the  influence   of  alcohol  or
C.  Passenger Safety
Before getting underway, show all  passengers where
emergency and safety  equipment is stowed, and  ex-
plain how to use it. Everyone aboard should wear rub-
ber-soled shoes which resist slipping on wet surfaces.
While underway, passengers should remain seated in-
side the deck rails and gates. Do not allow passengers
to drag their  feet or hands  in the water.   Always use
handholds and other safety hardware to prevent falls.
All nonswimmers, poor  swimmers and small children
should wear PFD’s at all times.
Do not use drugs or drink alcohol while operating a boat.
Like driving a car, driving a boat requires sober, atten-
tive care.  Operating a boat while intoxicated or under
the influence of drugs is not only  dangerous, but it  is
also a  Federal offense carrying a  significant penalty.
These laws are vigorously enforced. The use of drugs
and alcohol, singly or in combination, decreases reac-
tion time, impedes judgement,  impairs vision, and in-
hibits your ability to operate a boat.
Candia FS Owner’s Manual
Section B
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