2002 Four Winns Funship 214 234 254 Boat Owners Manual

gauge on the dash. See Figure E6.  The pitot tube ex-
tends below the hull.   Water strikes the tube inlet and
creates positive pressure.  The faster the boat  speed,
tion on the speedometer.
Figure E7:  234/254 CFS Paddle Wheel Speedo Sender
If the paddle wheel becomes fouled, the speed-
ometer will not register. Clean the paddle wheel.
Figure E6:  214 Candia FS Speedo Sender
If the pick-up becomes clogged, the  speedometer will
not register.  Clean the opening with a piece of wire or
disconnect the tubing and blow out the pick-up with com-
pressed air.
Speedometers are  not precision  instruments.
The indications are relative and should never be
used for navigational purposes or similar critical
Whenwinterizingtheboat,  thespeedometertubingmust
be drained of water. Disconnect the speedometer hose
at the  pick-up assembly  and at  the gauge and  blow
through the tubing to remove the water.
DO NOT rely on the speedometer when trying to
achieve a “NO WAKE” condition in a harbor or
other  enclosed  waterway.   ALWAYS reduce
throttle! Speedometers are not effective at mea-
suring low operational speeds. You are respon-
sible for damage  caused by the  wake of your
Theelectronic speedometer on the 234 and 254 Candia
FS has a paddle  wheel sender.  This speedo sender
provides accurate incremental readings (+/- 1.5 MPH)
at low speeds as well as high speeds. The speedom-
eter pick-up is located on the transom. See Figure E7.
The paddle wheel extends below the hull.
C.   Temperature Gauge
As the boat is moving, water strikes the wheel making
it spin. The information is relayed to the speedometer
which displays the speed in miles per hour (MPH). The
faster the boat speed, the faster the paddle wheel turns,
and the higher the speed indication on the speedome-
The temperature gauge monitors the cooling system of
the engine. Asudden  increase in the temperature could
be a signal of a blocked cooling passage or a water pump
The temperature indicator  on the 234/254 Candia  FS
module monitors the coolant temperature.  If the cool-
ant temperature rises  to, or above  213 degrees F an
alarm will sound a single beep every two seconds and
the temperature telltale will illuminate.
New for  2000 is that the  paddle wheel is  capable of
determining the water temperature. It is equipped with
a temperature sensor and relays this information to the
module for display.
Operation of an overheated engine can result in
engine seizure.  If  an unusually high tempera-
ture reading occurs, shut the engine off immedi-
Candia FS Owner’s Manual
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