2002 Four Winns Funship 214 234 254 Boat Owners Manual

One of your responsibilities as a new boat  owner is to     Four Winns® dealers are equipped with a Four Winns®
acquire proper insurance protection. Insurance should     Parts Manual that details the components of each model
includecomprehensiveandgeneralliabilitycoverageap-         and their appropriate part numbers. Many Four Winns®
propriate to your financial needs.  Please contact your      dealers inventory common replacement components.
local agent for assistance on insurance coverage.
In addition, Four Winns® maintains specific records on
the components used in  the manufacture of each unit
D - 7
and makes a concerted effort to maintain components
specifically to fill replacement part needs.
ponents are recorded during the assembly of each Four   TheFourWinns® dealerfromwhomyoupurchasedyour
Winns® boat.  Two  copies of this completed form  are     boat is in the  best position to meet  your needs.  If he
included at the end of this section.  One copy should be   does not have the needed item,  he has the capability,
removed and kept by the dealer in his records. This can   through direct contact with the Four Winns® Customer
assistthedealerinprocessingwarrantyclaims,orobtain-          Service Department, to obtain it quickly.  Four Winns®
ing necessary information. The second copy should be    will  only sell  replacement  parts to  established  Four
kept in this owners manual.
Winns® dealers. If you relocate and cannot find a Four
Winns® dealer close to you, contact the Four Winns®
est dealer in your area.
D - 8
Four Winns® makes every effort to deliver your boat in    D - 10
“turn key” condition to the dealer. The process of trans-
portingandhandlingtheboatnecessitatescertaininspec-         Show your colors! Four Winns® offers a complete line of
tions and adjustments prior to delivery to you. Also, vari-  sports clothing designed to complement your new boat.
ous aspects of operation must be checked and adjusted  Your  Four Winns® dealer has a complete catalog and
immediately prior to final delivery and use.
The selling Four Winns® dealer must perform this thor-
the commissioning or “dealer pre-delivery service” of the
A Four Winns® Pre-Delivery Inspection Form is part of
the Warranty Registration Card. It lists the many items
encompassed by the pre-delivery service previously de-
scribed.  The dealer is to check off the items as they are
completed, and complete the form as indicated providing
specific performance related information appropriately.
Your Four Winns® dealer will sign the Pre-Delivery In-
spection Form of the Warranty Registration Card upon
completion of the work.  You will also be asked to sign
the Pre-Delivery Inspection Form upon accepting deliv-
ery of the boat. You are to retain the two copies marked
“Boat Owner”. Your dealer is to retain the copy marked
“Dealer copy” for his records. The Manufacturer’s copy
is to be mailed to  the Four Winns® Customer Service
Candia FS Owner’s Manual
Section D
Product Specification
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marc le bourlout on Aug 21, 2018. freesbee

very good boat i need the specs

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