2002 Four Winns Funship 214 234 254 Boat Owners Manual

B.   Pump Out Option
When equipped with the pump out option, the waste can
be removed from the tank at a pumping station. A deck
plate fitting labeled WASTE, is provided for this purpose.
The pump out option is available on all Candia FS mod-
els. Mostmarinafuelingfacilitiesprovideserviceforwaste
pump out.
The decomposition of waste produces a color-
less, odorless gas, methane, that is lighter than
air, combustible, and extremely lethal. Always
provide sufficient ventilation when effecting re-
pairs to the  waste system and allow  no odor
from the waste system to go unresolved.
To pump out the holding tank:
A.   Clean Vents and Screens
Connect the dockside  pump out connection to the      Periodically remove the vent caps and check the water
WASTE plate located on the deck.
tank vent(s).  Clean  the thru-hull vent fitting(s) of  any
dirt, wax, plastic particles, etc. Always replace the caps
after cleaning.
Usually the dockside pump out connection will screw
into the waste deck plate or has a rubber sleeve that
inserts into the  plate and must  be held in position
during the pump out operation.
Failure to keep the water tank vent fitting clean
tank during filling.  This can cause water tank
ing equipment.   The waste will be  drawn from the
holding tank and into the pumping stations disposal    B.   Winterizing the Water System
Winter lay-up service procedures should include a thor-
Remove the  pump out  connection from  the deck     ough draining of the water system.  Disconnect all ac-
plate. Add 1 gallon of clean water to the holding tank  cessible fittings.  Blow out all lines.  Be sure the water
through the waste deck fitting using a dockside wa-    tank, waste tank, pumps and lines are completely dry.
ter hose.
Freezing water can cause severe damage to all water
system components.
Repeat steps  1 & 2 above  to pump out  the water
used in step 3 to flush the holding tank.
It may be necessary to disconnect the hose be-
low the faucet to remove excess  water in the
lines to prevent freeze damage.
Add waste holding tank treatment chemical available
from the dockside pumping  station operator to the
head.  Flush at least twice.
Always winterize the fresh water system prior
Be careful when handling and storing treatment
chemicals.  Not only are they toxic, but they will
also stain and damage surrounding surface.
Draining the system as mentioned can be very tedious
and an incomplete job can result in expensive repairs.
The use of nontoxic antifreeze (such as R.V. antifreeze)
designed for fresh water systems considerably reduces
the work necessary  and is a more  positive means of
winterizing the system.  Follow the directions included
with the antifreeze solution.
It will be necessary to remove the top holding tank of the
portable head to fill with water.
J - 5
Be sure the batteries in the boat  are properly charged.
Operating the pressure pump from a battery with a low
charge will  result in pump  cycling.  This  could lead to
premature pump failure.
Candia FS Owner’s Manual
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