2002 Four Winns Funship 214 234 254 Boat Owners Manual

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Laws covering such items as trailer brakes, lights, safety
chains, etc., will vary from state to state. Please contact
The trailer must properly “match” the boat’s weight and    the motor vehicle department in your state for additional
hull design.  Four Winns® trailers are designed specifi-
cally for each boat model. Four Winns® trailers meet or
exceed the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s   B.   Load Carrying Capacity
trailer requirements.
The certification label shows the maximum load-carry-
FourWinns®manufacturesbunktypetrailers.    Thebunks      ing capacity and is located on the port  forward side of
are located specifically for Four Winns® boats and ad-     the trailer. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is
equately support all parts of the boat.  It is a “drive-on”     the load-carrying capacity plus the weight of the trailer
typetrailerwhichmeanswinchingtheboatfromthewater          itself.  DO NOT exceed the GVWR rating for the trailer.
is not necessary.
When using or choosing a tow vehicle with the
correct GVWR, you must consider not only the
weight of the boat and trailer but also the weight
of the  fuel, water,  equipment, etc.   Refer  to
Table 1 below:
When winching the boat onto the trailer, besure
the bunks are wet to prevent damage to the
boat or trailer.  DO NOT attempt to winch the
boat forward when out of the water. Damage to
the winch stand/assembly or tongue could oc-
Four Winns® offers both  painted and galvanized trail-
ers.  The painted trailer is intended to be used in fresh
water and the galvanized trailer in salt/brackish water.
50 Lbs.
6.5 Lbs./Gal.
8 Lbs./Gal.
Four Winns® does not recommend the usage
of painted trailers for salt/brackish water con-
ditions, as trailer life  may be substantially re-
50 Lbs.
Table 1: Average Equipment Weight
If selecting a trailer from  another manufacturer, check
the load-carrying capacity. A trailer with a load-carrying
capacity that is too  low will be unsafe on  the highway
and could cause sudden failure of critical trailer compo-
nents or abnormal tire wear. A trailer with too high of a
load-carrying capacity that is sprung for heavy loads can
damage a lighter boat.
A.   Regulations
Federal law requires that the trailer and tire registration
informationbecompiledandrecorded.   TheFourWinns®
boat registration card includes trailer registration infor-
mation.   A  trailer tire  warranty card  included  in the
owner’s packet, is to be filled out and returned to the tire
DO NOT overload your trailer by placing cam-
ping gear or other heavy equipment in the boat.
DO NOT exceed the GVWR rating. Damage to
the hitch, coupler, or trailer may occur.
The warranty of the tire is administered by the
manufacturer of the tire. The manufacturer of
the tires on your trailer is Carlisle Tire®. Please
call 1-800-260-7959  regarding any  warranty
concerns relating to your tires.
Candia FS Owner’s Manual
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