2002 Four Winns Funship 214 234 254 Boat Owners Manual

D.   Oil Pressure Gauge
G.   Power Trim Gauge
The oil pressure gauge indicates the pressure in the
engine lubrication system.  A drop in oil pressure is a
possible indication of oil pump or leakage problems. If
the oil pressure drops below 6 PSI (pounds per square
inch), a single beep will sound every 2 seconds and
the oil telltale will  illuminate on the 234/254 Candia
FS dash module.
Boats equipped with  stern drives also have  a “power
trim gauge.” This gauge provides a visual indication of
the inward-outward (trim angle) position of the outdrive.
There is not a trailer travel mode on the gauge.
H. Depthsounder - 214 Candia FS I/O & O/B
The Depthsounder is standard equipment on your 214
Candia FS .  It consists of two main components, the
transducer and the HDR 600 unit.  The  transducer is
mounted to the hull and the HDR 600 is installed in the
dash.  The transducer and HDR 600 communicate by
means of a cable, and are powered by your boat’s 12-
volt DC battery. The transducer and HDR use the ba-
sic principle  of  sonar to  indicate the  water’s depth.
Please read the manufacturer’s literature included with
the owner’s  packet for  information regarding opera-
tion and maintenance.
Operation of an engine  with abnormally low
oil pressure can lead to engine damage and
possible seizure.  Have the  engine serviced
immediately upon a reduced oil pressure indi-
E.   Voltmeter
The voltmeter monitors battery condition and thus al-
ternator performance.   See Section H  for additional
information regarding electrical systems.
1.  Control Functions
On the 234/254 Candia FS cluster, the voltmeter in-
dicates the  voltage at the  cluster.  If  the voltage is
below 10 or  above 16 VDC (volts  of direct current)
while the engine is running the telltale will light, and
the cluster will beep every 2 seconds.
The HDR 600 uses a blacklit 7-segment display in con-
junction with a 3-button keypad to control all user func-
tions.  At  initial power  up, the unit  will begin normal
operation and display the digital depth and the units of
measure.  Figure E8 shows  a typical view you might
see on-screen at initial power-up.
Fuel Gauge
The fuel gauge displays the level of fuel that is present
in the fuel tank. The fuel gauge will operate when the
ignition switch supplying power to the fuel gauge is in
the RUN position. At 1/6 of a tank, a low fuel warning
light will appear on the module.
Figure E8:  Depthsounder (HDR 600)
The HDR600  uses 3  buttons to control  the Shallow
Alarm, Deep Alarm, Keel Offset and Units of Measure
function. While in normal operation, pressing the SET
button selects a Function and blinks its corresponding
indicator on the  display.  Once a  Function has been
selected it may  be adjusted by pressing  the UP and
DOWN arrow  buttons to adjust  the setting.   Further
presses of the SET button will sequentially select the
other functions for  adjustment.  All user  settings are
remembered by the HDR600, even when powered off.
Due to the mechanical nature of the fuel sender, varia-
tions in readings during various  speeds of operation
may occur. This system is merely a relative indication
of the available fuel supply and not a calibrated instru-
ment. Relative adjustments can be made by your Four
Winns® dealer by bending the fuel sender float arm.
Refer to Section I-1E Fuel Senders  for additional in-
Use only  clean fuel  of the  type and  grade
recommended by  the engine manufacturer.
The use of incorrect or contaminated fuel can
cause engine malfunction and serious dam-
age.  Refer to Section I Fuel Systems for ad-
ditional information.
When in the active function, a single press to an arrow
button will result  in a single  incremental adjustment.
Pressing and holding  an arrow button  will sequence
through a range  of adjustments.  If  no adjustment is
made in 5 seconds, the  unit will return to normal op-
Candia FS Owner’s Manual
Section E
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